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Health crisis and by standing up the ready reserve and we take steps to protect our medical supply chain something that I hope Congress will continue to work on after we pass this legislation today today's phase three approach is the most comprehensive and robust response to cope at nineteen together we're gonna win this war and I yield back and the gentleman yield back Jonathan Jackson's reserves down from Maryland is recognized the speaker I now yield four minutes to the gentle lady from Connecticut to one of the leaders in this Congress on protecting families and children miss Rosa DeLauro generated from crack is recognized for four minutes figure I rise in support of this historic film this is the biggest economic and health crisis the country has ever faced nurses and doctors are in intensive care units trying to save our you Mandy against this awful pandemic and this is the biggest governmental response the country has ever seen to rescue people the economy and our health care system it is necessary United States is now the epicenter of a global pandemic cases of the corona virus are rising exponentially and to slow the spread of the contagion serious measures of social distancing are under way schools are closing businesses are shuttering and last week more than three million filed for unemployment so the hours dark but today the Congress is ready to help get families workers in the country to the dawn of recovery and for that I want to commend speaker Nancy Pelosi in appropriations chair Nita Lowey and all of the appropriations subcommittees chairs your leadership has been crucial in the progress that we were able to make for the people had we passed our house bill things would be different but we managed to shape this package.

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