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Venice Beach California, NBC, Youtube discussed on 83 Weeks with Eric Bischoff


Brother-in-law reach my hand down in your head off your shoulders all with back to Venice Beach California a variety of television percents VH1 CMT NBC the discovery Wgn we've we've probably produced created and produced twenty different television series for for just about every network out there and what I really learned doing that and kind of marrying To what I learned in thirty years of wrestling is destroyed telling process and some of it we stumbled into the WWL is a perfect example some of it you know we got lucky to get lucky but the one thing that to this day I really believe more than anything is if you can get your audience to ask themselves a question so when you get done with the Promo like we saw long winded way I'm GonNa get right back to your question but when you you see a promo like randy cut with mean gene on his debut WCW on Saturday night December third nineteen ninety-four you can find it on Youtube you watch that and then you just ask yourself what did he accomplish what did you know Great Promo love the energy big pop you know Blah Blah Blah Blah what did he really accomplish what he accomplished is he created doubt he created anticipation which is a key element in storytelling. people want to know what's going to happen when and that's what he did he could have just as easily come on local in the Shade Tear Ham will go from there that would have killed it or you can come out in oconee smack your unit that would have killed it but what randy did so effectively the match is make people go holy shit number by the state of you to see what's going to happen when they need does he created doubt and I I just thought that and again is that like we talked about him for forty five minutes or an hour we didn't have a staff of fifteen little twenty year old knows writers trying to figure out how to cut a wrestling Promo this is just randomly going okay what are we gonNA wrestle okay I'm GonNa make this good boom was it I thought it was excellent I encourage Go look at the.

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