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It was elementary school though it wasn't like middle school and we had notebooks me and my friends we had no proof like you would like write a letter in the know book and gave it the ravens a woman in the may right way to give a bat and we were right all we had though a an array of our crew looseness in those we will be talking about people talking about boys all this other thing and it wasn't really the content my mother was most concerned about the kersey because it was just be like four no reason cursing leg just outright no like no rhyme no reason expletives they didn't even make sense of like shouldn't did accurately lie girl this is not even what is that somebody found a book one of their parents found put it became like a bigger we all kind of guy in my mother may me read the book like re and i was just like hour too high but i can read this out loud no read it you wrote it you have to read it it what we can hear you and i was the home god i heard a water read it y you don't want to say these ugly word that you've been writing he's also be riding nor the girl on why have you owe a now you don't want to say the words that you've been writing gurel earlier that year oh my gosh but you government that was the most memorable this very moment because i can remember like literally standing up in the liver rooms wedding.

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