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To five five okay the whole of hawaii's awardwinning mike buck show on am six hundred ninety and fm ninety four point three the answer now would be an appropriate time to ring a dinghy okay there must tell you the the mestre went through in traffic this morning so good was actually really well handled what happened there was a crash at about four twenty this morning on the h one westbound right by wilder in the university caused a massive traffic jam because you know they've got to take a look at these things and figure out what happened the traffic rerouted off the at the university offramp would happen to me it was smooth it was well done and as soon as you got on to university you're heading malka and it allowed you to make a uturn there's little uterine place there and then down to king or whatever street you go down you know copy lonnie or all the way down through wake wherever you wanted to go which i did took a scenic route and it made me realize how dependent we are on this ribbon of highway that we've got and i just can't imagine i wondered if you can and maybe there's people over there on the big island that are have been really evicted by mother nature out of their property not only is their comfort zone it's their stuff it's the bad it's their pillows it's their stuff and more and more people are now aware of people that are taking advantage of the situation of looting and things i mean talk about an awful bid behavior right anyway the update from what's going on over there is is widened growing and we played actually earlier a hawaii news now update and if you didn't hear that we'll get to.

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