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In altogether in control of what's happening our loss of control but in the past i remember when i during the nineties and this is just just about after i met you felt my partially or falling was in i was in the bathroom and they're taking shower in the bitter about their and my late wife had abuse song on the to be then i'm gearing it and it's kind of echoing into the shower listening to it i closed my eyes and all of a sudden i was in the shower of of this house that my mom and i lived in pacific california right near the high school it was downstairs room that i used to love to spend time in all by myself because it was cut off from the stairs you had to outside the house in to get it to the rest of the house and i used to love that place down there they like being by myself and like every now stuff like that suddenly was matched shower i the music playing and i really was back in the sixties night do it and you're right it was absolutely tear because what if i got stuck yeah come back and couldn't come back and that's what shocked you right out of it it's like that scene in somewhere in time with christopher reeve looks down the penny often yeah that's a movie a lot of us for that movie art love that movie yeah bell and he we used to he used to go to the somewhere in.

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