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Alabama goes down a saving assistant beach the master and on this columbus day. Good afternoon. Welcome to what we think will be fairly four hours One of the most amazing weekends and modern college football history. And we are here to help recap it all for you. Let's get right to the headlines before the calls and it's all about sloppy execution questionable coaching decisions and alabama. Going down at kyle field. And i'm having a little bit of fun with it. That is a golf scorecard member when Jimbo fisher said that he would Take saving down the summer saving responded the next day. We thought so brilliantly in golf golf we do about college. Football and jimbo has caught up. A nineteen game win streak was the longest active in a hundred game. This is just unbelievable against ap unranked opponents. I lost since la monroe beat saving in his first season his first law services former assistant ever we all know about the previous twenty four and the whole college. Football world has been turned up side down and we will talk all about this afternoon. If you want to hear what jimbo fisher has to say about the epic victory. Don't go anywhere. He will be joining us in just a matter of moments from college station. So there is some other news Lsu doesn't win place or show at kentucky and yes coach. Show as of this hour. He is still the head football coach in baton rouge job set of evidence as far as that goes dentistry tigers. That's all about us is at the past only way you crunch it. They'll not really like you can go in there and i could read everything you guys could right. I can take about an hour. Would read all that stuff and they go. Tell them about all that stuff on the best thing for me to do is be very positive. Understand the expectation lsu. I will say this. And i'll say it again no as to tell me about the lsu expectations. I know i was born with them. So i understand. I understand this another lsu standard performance on the job again. A totally annoyed. Exactly where i'm at. And i'm going to go to work as hard as today and oblique a promise you. I will not blake for anyone. Well you're going to see this comparison a lot over the next few weeks. Gene zik auburn and odur on choosing won the national championship in two thousand ten with cam. Newton who was fired right after the auburn game than two years later osceola on eight and eight during a similar stretch. Six and seven in the sec and the home losses are really starting to be a problem and and this weekend they have another home game. Eleven am kick against the university of florida. Their archrival how about them dogs. They went down to the plains. We all thought that could be a tough game. It was not. The dogs made mincemeat at of the tigers and they are number one in the country have been number one any time in recent memory. Yeah they were number one In two thousand eight remember that season they started number one. They had a sloppy opening game. They dropped a number two. And then a couple of weeks later. Alabama came in. And i believe how to thirty one. Nothing lead at halftime and They never quite made it back to the top In eighty two they were number one and of course nineteen eighty the ended it number one before that you have to go back to nineteen forty two and lane kiffin been popping the over oral reading bacher after A huge win huge by a two point conversion. One of the games In any other year we would be obsessing over this game today. It was one of the great games of the year in college. Football or any other year and We are now getting to it..

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