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One day at one of these many events and education panel discussion after it's over i'm in a small group of people and we are talking an older white gentleman walks up to me and he says you speak well for your people i could feel what you just said i could feel it in my stomach rising to my heart to my throat and i said to him well well what people are you referring to now i'm knew what he meant we all know what he meant but i wanted him to say it out of his mouth i wanted him to say it and he said it you know black people so now it's really gurgling it is threatening to come spewing out of my mouth i am embarrassed because people are standing around and they're hearing this and i'm angry how dare he diminish me and i'm in didn't even and before i could say another word he says to me have you had any training she said well i said nope my father speaks this way my mother speaks this way and therefore mississippi my siblings all speak this way god given talent no training no classes none of that just little low me.

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