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Often often thirsty so they're vulnerable to fire and yeah these residents are trees ponderosa pine and douglas fir in the post ice age era. There's never been this many trees growing in this spot little entries forrester nicolette steps off a trail on a ridge above the little northern california town of weaverville in the trees as in chaparral below. He sees nuances city. People don't bunch grasses impervious grasp you can forbes in here like we're sunny enough and open up and that's what you would expect expect to see in the underscore even oak woodland his nonprofit watershed center aims to make trinity county forest healthier like spot he points to below cleared of dry tinder scorched in a controlled burn where the trees now can grow bigger with thicker bark proof in the pudding proof that healthier forest matters five years ago on a state route near town a roadside spark caught on brush and lifted into treetops wind pushed flames along the fast moving fire then met this area. It's called five accent gulch. The fire ran head on into this thinned and burned unit and the fire just laid down. The firefighters were essentially able to blanket and put handed out. My home was evacuated as part of that fires. I was very thankful. Five cent gulch's within the weaverville community forest. It's federal land but under special deals called stewardship agreements. Local people set priorities. There alison directs regional ecosystem services for the u._s. Forest service in california korea. We're seeing more and more collaborative. 's narrowly be formed but also be effective in terms of trying to do with forest health issues which is really exciting. That's exactly exactly what's happening. Around the shasta trinity national forest.

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