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If you don't exercise intentional care for yourself you will be absolutely no good to anyone else on this show jamie and i are interested in the details of self care both and tangibly. What exactly can you do on a regular basis to build your own emotional bank account so that you have plenty leftover to give to others with that on with the show Jaime lerner how fun to have you once again on the next chapter with charlie. Welcome to be here. Thank you for inviting me again again. You know jamie the last time we did a podcast together. It was show number sixty and today we are recording. Show number one. Eighty three now was just over three years ago in january two thousand eighteen. How my goodness it's great to be back. Well it's great to have you back. I had such a fun time last time. And so i'm i'm looking forward to it. I've got. I have to tell you. And i and i want everybody to know that three years ago jamie. You gave me some personal advice. I don't know if he gave it to me personally. Or if it was done on the on over on the air but you told me we were talking about my difficult childhood and you told me to quit looking through the eyes of a child and look at my childhood through the eyes of an adult and you know that sticks with me today. And anytime i i think about that i think through the eyes of an adult and i think about that situation entirely differently because of you for folklore. Nice sometimes to have a different perspective. Oh well yeah and it's nice. Sometimes they have somebody that can offer you that perspective so before we immerse ourselves in our topic. Today as i was reading a bit. I would love to hear you speak on a couple of things that you that you wrote on your website and i'd like to know what you mean by two things one. You are a pleasure junkie. I love that. And secondly you're and what you're calling your third life. You're too young for a third life. So i'm very curious would those are all about. I spent a lot of time doing things that give me pleasure. Bad is in many ways. I think that that's really looked down upon in society that if we are to indulge ourselves and do things that please However i gravitate towards things that really connect me and bring me a lot of joy and my life is about that connection with my fault also pleasure and then of course to all and it's interesting because i think that wearing. We nurture and nourish herself in the connection that were having and then recreating with ourselves that we become so filled up that we just fell over into an onto everyone around us in a really lovely way bowl. I like to think of myself as the living breathing. Example off all that is possible when we are really Other no relaxing into healthcare finding pleasure and Sharing ourselves in a way. That's bob utah. I so agree with you. And i'm i'm sort of into pleasure. I read so much of the stoic. Mark serreze in seneca the younger but i i noticed seneca coding epa occurs. And so i read epa kuras. And you know. Unfortunately his epa corey and philosophy has been bastardized into some kind of drinking. And what do you call those things so sexual thing or jeez yes. What do you call those things shows shows. You know where i live. But that is not that has a representative occurs at all epa curse was in sort of sat cloth but he was all about life is to be enjoyed. Life is is a pleasurable experience. I really resonate with that. I think you're right that when you live a pleasurable life you'll live an attractive life. I like that the way you put that so talk about attractive lives what the heck is a third life while. I'm probably on my life by now. But i had my Children very young. I had my profession very young. I have grandchildren no way. Oh yes i have. Four grandchildren four beautiful grandchildren. And the most wonderful thing that i was there and assisted in each and every one of the birth which was amazing. Like a separate flights in itself. But i think that we are in reinventing ourselves over and over and over again and especially when i think that we have the ability to just continue to evolve and fifth reinvent herself though i think i will probably have nine live by the time on dong which are wonderful certainly identify but you know what really rouses my curiosity and that is because i female leadership female wisdom is very important to me that the divine feminine is a very important aspect and so i'm just curious. Why do you think that women would have maybe more opportunity or more likelihood to reinvent themselves. 'cause i think we hassle back why i think that women The tape on so many different roles and we wear so many different hats that becomes a part of who we are. I think fat especially now. Women have much greater opportunity to do just that the continue to reinvent themselves but a lot of it is because they need to. I'm going off of chart here. What is reinventing yourself. Look like because. I wrote a book twenty five years ago. That was ahead of its time. It was called Getting the right things right personal strategies for reinventing the life you want and that was long before anything was written on reinventing so i have my ideas about reinvention. But i'm i'm curious. What are yours all what's happening now. You know women or and probably men to are out of the workplace and in their homes and there are teachers needing to become teachers and literally for children in learning every day with remote learning. I mean we. Women are masters at adapting to whatever is needed..

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