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Saturday from the Weather Channel meteorologist Cambone on the stock. 7 60 wjr. You're hearing the Paul W. Smith Show News Talk 7 60, W. J. R 6 21 and Dave Rigger is in for an Thomas and Thomas on first grandma duty and loving it. From what? I can see the pictures I have seen. Uh, on instagram and elsewhere, uh, and and have been practicing all their life for this position, and I'm sure doing Good job with it. I think the figure David, it's like 117 to 120,000. I don't have the exact figure. Of just DTE energy customers that are are without power. We are trying to reach them to get someone to speak with us. And as you can imagine, they're kind of busy. Over there, But we're doing what we can to get as much information is that about Is that the number you're hearing about? 117 120,000? Yeah, said that at one point yesterday, there was more than 136,000 people at one point without power access yesterday so They're working to. And then you've got we can here at the Fisher building. We have the windows open in the studio here and we can hear the wind. Flying by Um, so there's another storm that's coming. Oh, that's that's not good news. You've got the windows open because you still don't have power for conditioning. No, no, We have air conditioning here. We just We just have the windows Open here in the studio for a little bit of a cross breeze and Brian and I can hear the wind just howling by and it's raining. So, um, I hear the play by play with Brian in the background. Yeah, it's raining now. Exactly. So we don't need the rain. We don't need no stinking wind. So, uh, Man. Oh, man, Um Well, hang in there, boy. Keep saying you guys deserve hazardous duty pay, but a lot of people do with the things the way they have been. Me look for a positive a positive story on the front page of the Detroit News, at least online because my papers for whatever reason are getting here later and later, but Metro Detroit's teens in high demand for summer jobs. So as all these companies try to staff up Getting kids many times in their first time job, so they haven't been pained being paid not to work yet. They're they're It's kind of going to be, uh, the world will be their oyster, so to speak. They're going to have a lot of opportunity for some jobs right now. That is for sure. Still get the stories that just don't make sense. This one has to do with teens, A group of high school students is being blamed for the cancellation of an entire flight. To the Bahamas. Was an American Airlines plane getting ready to depart from Charlotte. Some of the students in the group reportedly decided not to wear their masks and you know by now, if you've flown lately, that's the announcement that comes through Please. Where? Your mask Federal mandate. Let's not argue. Let's everybody mask up. You knew it before you got on the plane. Let's do it. Well, they didn't do it. And so apparently there was a I can't imagine an argument, but they went back and forth. For hours fighting with these kids to wear their masks. So then the flight was canceled The flight to Nassau, all those people on the plane. Going to the Bahamas punished because of some high school students. No one was arrested. At least thus far. That's what we've been told. So that's very bizarre. I don't have you heard any of the details any more details about that. I have not. I am not. Um, but I can only imagine with as much as you fly. Have you ever encountered Been on a flight where it has been delayed or cancelled due to an incident on a flight. I've never been very fortunate now that I say this my next flight out get I'll have the problem. Have not. I have not experienced that and I do fly quite a bit have flown quite a bit, but I have not experienced that. I'm not gonna hear about it a lot. I don't quite understand why, if you know, going in ahead of time that these are the rules that What you think you're going to accomplish by trying to fight the rule. I just I don't understand what it is that they think that they're going to accomplish by this. I don't know. Uh, they get a mention in the newspaper and on the radio, I guess, but I mean, that's that's if that's their fame. They're barking up the wrong tree because it's that's becoming infamous for stuff like that. On the big story that we've been watching now for a while. The rescue efforts at the collapsed condo building and Surfside. Shifting and I got to tell you I've never seen Them take longer to make the very difficult decision to go from rescue to recovery, But Now. Uh huh. Wisely. And, sadly, they have shifted to pure recovery efforts. The Miami Dade assistant fire chief Telling families that That it would be Next to impossible to find people alive something I'm afraid I felt right away in any of us who saw the way the building pancaked. We were holding on to all those stories in the past. Oftentimes in third World countries where buildings collapse more often than they do not supposed to be collapsing. But then they do. And They collapse where there are pockets of of air and pockets of places people could be. But this thing pancaked I mean, really pancaked. And so As of yesterday, at least 18 additional victims found in the wreckage. Over the last 24 hours, then bringing the death total to 54. There's that still nearly nearly 100 still missing. I don't Yeah, it says it, says 86 people remain still unaccounted for. And, uh, You can only hope that The remains can be found and and turned over to families to grieve. The way that you need and want to grieve at a time like this. Of course, there is great fear that that will not happen. Had they actually found out what caused it. I know that I had read articles about concrete, and there was a contractor who was complaining about Like two days before that. He was worried that this was going to happen with the with it being unstable pictures of it minutes before it collapsed with water pouring like through the building down into the parking structure. Am I have no idea, but I'm going to say it will be as it is always when there's a catastrophic issue or problem.

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