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Has changed. I'm steve rappoport fox. News president biden in his first news. Conference saying the surge of migrants at the border is nothing new especially at this time of year as many people came twenty eight percent increase in children to the border in mind ministration. Thirty one percent in the last year of in two thousand nineteen before the pandemic in the administration. It happens every single solitaire year. There is a significant increase number of people coming into the mortar in the winter months. Republicans call the situation a crisis. Senator ted cruz telling fox news. He will lead a group of about twenty senators visiting the border tomorrow. Going to the facilities. Where meeting with the border patrol. Where meeting with border patrol union. Who i know very well We're going to inspect the those facilities and see them directly. The white house calls the border issue. A challenge and says former president trump's immigration policies are partly to blame senate. Democrats promised to take up big bolt legislation next month. Majority leader chuck schumer. Says they will take up a wide range of issues back by president biden including election reform legislation a gun violence response and infrastructure investments. I believe that bid. Big bold action is an imperative. We must get that done but schumer stopped short of endorsing elimination of the sixty vote threshold needed to advance legislation as i've said before everything. Everything is on the table so far proposals to enhance background checks and add requirements for voting access. Also lack consensus among democrats raising questions of success in the fifty fifty divided. Senate fox's jared halpern. The gunman suspected of killing ten people at a colorado supermarket makes his first court appearance ahmad. Louis alissa did not speak other than to say. Yes to a question from the judge. The twenty one year old remains held without bail. America is listening to fox news. If you're a business owner you don't need us to tell you that. Running a business is tough. Don't quick books and spreadsheets. Slow you down anymore. Now is the time to upgrade to net suite by oracle. The world's number one cloud business system next week gives you visibility and control over your financials. Hr inventory ecommerce and more joined the over twenty four thousand companies using that sweet right now schedule your free product to a right now at net sweet dot com slash fox net sweet dot com slash fox. New weekly jobless claims dropping to their lowest level since the pandemic began where we're looking for a gain of seven hundred thirty thousand on initial claims for the week of march twentieth. We came in at six hundred and eighty four thousand to be clear. This is the best read we've had on initial jobless claims for the last year as continuing better-than-expected number as well we were looking for four point. Zero four three million. We came in at three point. Eight seven million fox. Business network cheryl cassani. North korea carries out a missile test. For the second time this week this time it appears to be a ballistic missile launch a more provocative action than a cruise missile tests last weekend. The us and south korea say they think to short-range weapons were fired into the sea near japan. It's not careers. I ballistic missile launch. Since president biden took office. Japan's prime minister says the test represents a threat to peace and stability and violates u n resolutions in london. Simon owen fox news big tech bosses get an earful from lawmakers on misinformation and censorship. Both sides of the aisle expressed fury with big tech at a hearing before the house committee on energy and commerce. Democrats like pennsylvania congressman. Michael doyle blamed the companies for allowing the spread of disinformation acting baxter's cohen deniers to on supporters and flatter through sharing videos. Republicans like ohio congressman. Robert lodha said not enough information is being allowed on their platforms whose clear definition good faith. Moderation include censoring viewpoints. You disagree with committee. Chairman said in his opening remarks. It is time for congress to legislate limiting tech companies abilities. Fox's jessica rosenthal london's court of appeal refuses johnny depp's permission to challenge a verdict that concluded the actor was a wife beater. A lower court last year ruled against depp in a libel suit against the sun tabloid newspaper over the claims. I'm steve rappaport and this is fox. News great news. Your business is growing fast. The other news growing fast. Here's a look at weather from a hop. Lambs newsfeed weather center thursday rain and possibly thunderstorm all day. Windy with wind advisory in effect tonight wind wind gusts as high as fifty miles per hour high near fifty eight low around forty. Three friday cloudy then gradually becoming mostly sunny high seven. 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