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Bring that up because Ozark is filming in Peachtree corners today and tomorrow long technology parkway that's what all the above ours about their private it's after six let's bring you up to date on weather in traffic now on WSB two worlds Kirk Miller says it lands most anchor to digital forecast rice got forecast for today run a six on the train Mellish meter a mix of clouds and sunshine very hot hi ninety four low seventy six tomorrow a mix of sun and clouds high ninety three low seventy five Thursday a mix of sun and clouds a thirty percent chance of a thunderstorm high ninety two low seventy five recapping the forecast for today a mix of clouds and hazy sunshine very hot hi is ninety two to ninety five yes he was ninety three and right now seventy nine on Peachtree street I mean urologist Kirk knowledge WSP size six oh six the WSB glory Kerrier sky copter under what way is about to become the full strawberry moon here's mark because late in the beautiful over Dow down a lot of as we approach the purple slipper seventy five eighty five eight seventy three that they had Cobb county it will become your destination that northwest freeway building volume on Cherokee county up by seventy five at itself public stock actually Bronco four hundred just off the phone with traffic to risky for wide open her right out of her sight county that's for himself on traveling between three sixty nine an old nome parkway out about the northeast where character trouble three sixteen westbound passed cedars road as you make your way toward the lawyer Stiller is flown again on three sixteen a trickle of parkway eighty five sound bunching up Pleasant Hill the beaver one couldn't find that north and crash reported at Sugarloaf parkway every day Comcast business helping businesses big and small go beyond the expected to do the extraordinary Comcast business beyond fast take your business beyond at Comcast business dot.

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