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Fighting who else we got We got the main event. Time. Dill's that's An office assist yes. That's. His protege heap. Deals Bill's going to deal is going to have his his work cut out for him and I think ties is going to have his work cut out for him as well. It's pretty even match up that one again, another classic inside outfought. Ties. A bit of a power hitting. The link is going to be a three round with. Three weeks goes did you? Check the rates there because ties laws along. From is the potentially we should do, hey, we need to elect. Five Stat said. We'd do a little photo, shoot each person Yup, and then like not the type you. Do that for sure that could the marketing material I wanted to get out of it at like if we put it on zoom hoping, we could combine the background would be like the street fighter Chung Li. Chicken in the cage and the people get A. Little Fire. Inside. Out The type would be good I think the types of good idea on the type yes. That's a must see that one's going to be fun. It's funny because he said the jam and he's protege they fighting. An, all the way down list. A lot of these people actually just training with each other. Well, I. Try and Pavel the other day and. To learn wrestling and he's wrestling glossy a bit like conveyed the why he? that loopy kind of nine. Title Good Book Good Boxing White. Yeah, he's rotation dirty. Power in close I can imagine I just want to be anywhere close to the Guy Yup no anyway done. But he doesn't want to be on the outside either. No no can you nee? You guys don't. Think when you're GONNA BE NASAL. Will set in his favor personally hockey your. Own. Robbie, lawler all it is striking and then you get a point for for take down pin is that Roger was saying, yeah, we're just talking about the. Your. To control on the ground yes. It would be in his favor if it continued on the ground. then. We'd just watch you like lying on your back for three. Years Tyler. Well, he you're probably be me up against the cage and not let me fall and is bait me up against the side. Like just with one under. Hook. We're trying to drop. Back Up. But yeah Well, you'd probably get you up against the wall. And take you down. Yeah. Because any points for the take down show show show let's say by. Up Against the wall he he would there'd be very difficult for you to stop him from taking you down. That would be my. Yeah my prediction. So it's all in the hand of the judges. Do they favor the? Peaking off the strikes to the head the body. Oh. One clear way to end this it's chaos. Very difficult with sixteen ounce gloves and headgear. Yeah. He got. BE ADAMANT THAT WE HAVE Is Very hard for him to wrestle with us. That's why. He's appealing to me that we need gloves. He said because we can't look the handles like. He'll still be out to take you down with gloves on. I show I show if you show. I. Hey. See what I mean just. To we. Love, you know. What you need. to He doesn't. Well yeah we got well, those finer details will sort out this week I think. Sort SORTA. It's Friday. Tomorrow. So you going to. Pay. Wakes shaking his head it was hard to people up because we've got a limited pool like it's kind of limited but they look. Very well, matched up. Found in. David O. By some fronts site. Probably the people that can actually box which is nice to be able to save technique. GonNa be great and they're very they're the same white, which is good as well and and. The well-matched. Yeah that's one. Specimen to Fit. Long wants to be older more experienced Stefan. fucking. All he's got a lot of greedy guy. Yeah. He's had a lot of competitive experience. You know professional handball and the expert. One box before I'm the kick boxing matches but I was going to try and say the girls there's three girls were just looking at the. Little. Three way competition love that that's going to be simply for because. I think gay might be a better game might be a better option 'cause they'll get more technical es walds. Potentially, you have a high chance of a Finnish whereas a lot lower technique no game to just be a bit scrambling. That'd be good to save few like submissions you want say that. Say Some finalization and we got taught the heavyweights and they'll be probably know gay submissions that wall she in touch. Young guys. They've they've fought before and now jibe games. Yeah. Tiny's gold fuzz. Yeah. Timmy and Johnny that'll be boxing. They up now each other will. And and then we got. We got to Nikki and we've got. Clarice amazingly kickboxing. Mosey man. That's cycle jumping I mean it's a scary prospect to jump in there even for something as Zach Thomas at James Finite nerves going to be running. Even. If you look at me, I'm really fuck donald very devastating. Done. What you? Call. Another six months can. For that. One finishing simplex. Gay, fucking. Imagine my my neck. Wrestling. Defense Training. That'd be my wrestling defense. Chinese today. Yeah, I put my laptop and Google and I was like. I'm Young Camp Fish League. Soon as I started watching videos like Oh. My God. It was like. They like I can just see probably. On the last round. It's. A. Flop in the middle them tied like Suplex me. Then the strategy. In the last round. Rag Doll legs yes. So The strategy, US is not to hit him to Hod. and. You don't want to get him inducted. US. He's like my head coach. hosted. If you're willing to give me more confidence also which head coach. Yes A. Striking. Come out looking like a crab. Yes I like to stand square. So the..

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