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Boldin. Steve Breast in And Larry Fitzgerald in the Cardinal's Remember That game ended. This was unbelievable. Super Bowl Larry Fitzgerald running down the field, another touchdown, one of the great postseason runs that didn't result in a ring. And then Ben delivered that dark. And Santonio Holmes Toe Tap touchdown. In the back right of the end zone. It's well over a decade ago. Pittsburgh had talent. Pittsburgh had love Ian Bell, Pittsburgh had Antonio Brown. And those three B's Ben Brown. And Bell couldn't win a ring. They couldn't And now you have significantly less talent. Your defense is much better, but you have significantly less town, the offensive side the ball and what do you need in the postseason? We talk about all those dumb cliches, but they're important. Be able to run the ball. No in the battle the trenches. Right now. They can't run the ball. Right now. They don't win the battle the trenches and if you force bent at this stage of his career to throw the football 38 40 50 60 times the win. That's not a winning formula, so Pittsburgh's better days are behind them. Even with one of the North this year, the future of the Ravens is better. The future of the Browns is better. And these problems that they have until they're able to rectify them. What? What? Ben is gonna be 40 41 then always has injuries. He's good to miss like a game or two a year seems like So do I anticipate that Ben's gonna have a clean bill health? Do I anticipate that they're going to fix the offensive line? Not only fix it, make it good enough to win a Super Bowl and then also fixed the run game. Good enough to win a Super Bowl now. So so not come back. Don't look at the career and the legacy of big better out this burger. First ballot Hall of Famer. We'll get two gold jacket right away, has two rings. A great career. But the expectation And the thought of Steelers fans or the Steelers winning another Super Bowl with Ben. It's not gonna happen. Because you got off 2 11 year olds start Then you got exposed. And this was not just off. You got beat by a better team. These were issues that were lingering for a while where you went from a team that looked like they could go to the Super Bowl to a team that going into The NFL postseason, had no shot of winning a Super Bowl. All right. We'll take a time out. It is is that guilt show on CBS sports Radio Radio when we come on back Look, Let's look at the road teams this week. Who Who is the road team that has the best chance? Going into that game going into the opposing environment. I'm walking out victorious and punching their ticket to either the FC or NFC Conference championship game. We'll discuss that next first up on the latest to be a sports radio update. We got two rich Ackerman. See me? Yes Sports flag. One NFL coaching vacancy has been filled the Jaguars and Urban Meyer of finalized the deal. The 56 year old won three national championships in college, but Has no prior NFL experience. On any level, the Steelers have let go three coaches among them offensive, According to Randy Fichtner, the Rams are starting Jared Goff in quarterback this week. It was John Woolford ruled out A quartet of Alabama players are headed to the NFL draft as expected, Quarterback Mack Jones receiver Jalen Waddled Corner Patrick, Sir 10 and defensive lineman Christian Bar more. The Lions have hired Rams College scouting director Brad Homes as their new general manager, while the Panthers have offered their GM job to Seahawks VP of football operations Scott.

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