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Okay Chris tell me were you told me the commercial break what happened in spring training it is third at bat Jose Altuve A. got hit by a pitch so dumb what's that mean they wanted him in the regular season no nothing happened both pitcher and batter nothing Albany walks first base and then he was promptly taken out for a pinch runner of the NYC premiere is that the name of the reliever okay from which for the first pitch at him which team Adam which team and having him hit him right I don't know if he's going to be one of those relievers that'll be triple A. or double A. by the season ending but Mike Fiers got a nice ovation from Oakland fans this is dying down a little bit with baseball actually being played a little bit I mean these guys removed pretty hard yeah the Astros were by Tigers fans of all rights the regular season will be something else then the red Sox stocking hat soon brother what do you think about the compensating signs and all that so stupid best we I saw about that was I guess because somebody held up Houston asterisks or something like that yeah and the management took the son away from the family but like I guess the Astros stills ceiling stars yeah very very low the red Sox does not expect let me tell me a little who knows like this I mean I think they're gonna find something let me just tell the Astros this when you take the sign of a fan and it's not clearly inappropriate my lan I mean the language or the intent is not nasty or let's put it this way thank when you take the sign you are stealing a sign you're confiscating any sign do you realize that you're actually making it worse on the public relations front by taking somebody sign you do realize this right like your job as the Astros is to tamp this down and make people like either read understand you regret this or you won't do it again or you understand their anger you're taking the fans sign you are allowing people to say you are stealing their son you realize that right you might as well do that and indicate to the plan that you're coming to take their sign by banging the trash can you might as well just complete the whole damn thing okay what's that noise but the trash can power up there coming to take my sign you might as well just complete the whole thing it people she's so sick it's simple it's just simple the PR is just simple once I got to hit the foot by breaking balls are not intentional resume whatever I'm sure it is coming final pose also brought you by capital which is reimagined banking by offering savings and checking accounts with no fees or minimums one of the nation's best savings rates Capital One what's in your wallet what you have over there who you start your NBA team with player twenty one or younger sign on Jayson Tatum John rant with could dont check Luca leads the way forty five percent okay Christopher rich I'm gonna say this Sir when he got for me I don't say this all fans of the show is living on our last live show is tomorrow on audience the radio show lives on and I cannot wait to tell everybody how and when and we're we're in search of a new television partner after five glorious years here at audience direct TV in eighteen anti we're going all tell you that stuff I told you our first day back that on our last day here you wouldn't be able to make it because you're having a child what would you say to me I wouldn't believe it I can't believe it myself so who's gonna be here tomorrow she's going to sit in for you while you have the biggest day of your life all over thank you my friend and the five plus years here would have existed without your hard work on a podcast in the podcast show on NFL network and we will keep doing this for a long time indeed and I cannot wait for when we do the show you bring in Crumpler algae brought or tomorrow I cannot wait to announce the name of who you're bringing into the world with Serra can't wait for your kids to be here on a set like this like might have been for the last five plus years I love you I love you too bye bye catcher who shared in this era as well it's crazy right we took a picture here on this is that what everybody in my Hey guess what on our last day of doing a show your own audience you will not be able to be here because you're having a child it's on the life he's bomb masing how things work out and that's why we love doing the show and sharing with people like you sharing our lives of people out there like you're watching this on audience and listening to us every single day thanks everyone for the messages in the tweets and instagrams I really appreciate it we're very thankful can weights can be great day brother tomorrow is gonna be a great day in your neighborhood I want to thank I'll burn sting Todd McShay rob mackel Haney we're gonna figure out what we're doing right now but my wife is currently at that celebration of life for Kobe engine on and she'll be talking all about it on Tuesday show with me girl to fall and you see you Tuesday.

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