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And I just don't. I don't don't think that's necessarily the case because the adjustable nature of the chair. Yeah I don't remember yeah just will. Nature of the chair really offsets a lot of problems. How how tall are you six? Four okay so there you just have you've dealt with those issues your whole life half of weird bending these weird positions thing uh-huh and the chair offsets all that because it moves exactly changes everything the communist Sutra. You can figure out an aide X.. Chair absolutely in fact. I really feel like that should be eight x next foray. I mean we've got so so you know we've talked. We talked about this with girl boss Gerhard and a little bit about about chairs because we had a question about wait. A patient's weight and chairs and so we dove deep down into like the Teneo Intego. The sort of high end flagship dense wieser owner chairs. And you've got a WHO's out there putting massagers and all those sort of things in there and I think that may be the next sort of iteration is is some just hidden features in the chair. That normal patient couldn't find but that you know you knew is the owner and the dentist. was there that you could then utilize after hours. I would rather have that than a massage for my patients. What do you you think? Oh Yeah for sure. I hope your daughters aren't listening to this show Lance Metoo or your daughter's boyfriend who I think you you attempted to like shotgun. Bully him into listening to this show. Yeah I hope the last I checked. He's still had not listen but what's his name like. I say you know to give me his full name. Just give us first name Kai Sean top tie was okay. I know oh I know what thoughts are rolling around your head right now and all I can tell you is is just don't mess with Lance seriously early he'll end you who you easily and quickly and he's six four. He's got huge hands. And and not saying I know I experience but his hands can literally wrap around your entire neck and can choke you out a little bit so just be a little careful kyw. That's all. I'm saying. She's bill careful word of the wise poor guy. He's mortified bit. There's a lot of people. I'm sure who are mortified at listening to this as well. But Hey if you've got any stories about any NSF w stuff in your dental chairs good ass journalist on read it would love to hear it and hell. We'd love to hear two right. Ah Hell Yeah not a great Read it history here on good ass. Journalists have one of the post in the suburb of data. It which I guess is.

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