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To make some recommendations for how to keep Everything safe down at the White House for the president and those around him. The CDC is releasing new information on how Corona virus has spread and the potential for airborne transmission reporters to bring to keep it. The change was made after several published reports, including one from the University of Georgia and Athens shows. In some circumstances, the virus has the potential to spread through the air. Mainly if there's poor ventilation or enclosed spaces where there's heavier breathing from people singing or exercising. The change in the guidance does not change the current recommendations, though. Instead it reiterates the need to stay 6 FT. Apart. Where face covering wash your hands and wipe down surfaces. CBS News has confirmed that a wall of plexiglass will separate Mike Pence and Kamala Harris for their first debate Wednesday night in Salt Lake City. CBS is Nicole's Kanga, vice president's communications director Katie Miller said in response to the request. If Senator Harris wants to use a fortress around herself have added vice president Pence and his wife have continued to test negative for the virus. Delta has become a hurricane. The storm is expected to strengthen further during the next couple of days when it nears the Yucatan Peninsula. Right now, Delta is about 150 miles south of Negril, Jamaica. Airlines. Now Southwest Airlines will cut pay for non union workers in January and says union workers most also accept less pay or face furloughs next year as the pandemic continues to hammer the airline business. This is CBS News. Adele Technologies Advisors are focused on you ready to offer tailored solutions powered by Intel. The pro platform to keep your small business ready. Call 877 Estelle. Another weekend of.

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