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The new and wondering stephanie long arm in hawaii news now you always source for breaking news mexico police say the gunman who killed two students at a high school polls as a student to get on campus authorities and aztec identified the gunman as 21yearold william atcheson he was a former students at aztech high school but did not graduate from there they say addison walked up and down the hall wave firing randomly 18yearold francisco fernandez and 17yearold casey jordan marquez were killed investigators say the attack was planned they found details on a thumb drive now to a race against time to save two people trapped in a burning car nothing the responding officers are good samaritans tried to do seem to work until they gave it one last shot martin savage shows us what they were all up against this bodycam video shows the jesper determination of atlanta police trying to say to people trapped in a flaming wreck the doors of the car or jammed a fire extinguisher fails to douse the fire an officer michaels gilman's baton is just bouncing off the windows everyone knows those inside our moments from a horrible death for me what are the most dramatic scenes out of been on bush huat c we realized this was really will had an egg the fire department is on the way they're just minutes out only there aren't minutes left so i was i was really like realises get a mile solely who won't below lowered footage apply opened the doors officers can only try to keep the flames under control of your fire teams get there i feel i mop icing so bruin out instantly the men never back off or give up motivated by the district who if the traffic center mr terrified hey screaming you know helped me please i don't want to the main discount a rough at times language they even jordan urges water for the judge stored in their case vehicles under the burning car but that was key because you bought time near sir in fact you bought just enough just enough time firefighters ovalles they put out the flames and pre the driver a passenger who survive thanks to some determined atlanta police officers who even after reaching the limits of everything they had went beyond the call tom how close call in looks like a pilot scheduling glitches going to cost american airlines about ten million dollars last week the allied pilots association revealed that thousands of holiday flights were without pilots because apparently too many employees got time.

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