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The idea came around when the elections of two thousand sixteen happened for me was really striking. The fact that there could be someone winning and election with this curse of hate to our country's so big and then i realized a lot of things so first of all. Is that when this person won the election. I realized two very important things first of all that. The only possibility of at the scores like these to permeate nine able to be agreed on these a lack of nollet a lack of understanding of the situation. I always when i find something so problematic. I always try to find something productive to do with this. I learned for my dad. He always had assigned in his office. Saying if you come with problem and you don't bring us lucien you still part of it. So for me is not bringing a solution. Bill is doing something. No it's being proactive about it. And so i started thinking with friends and colleagues in mexico that world complaining on the situation what to do we got together and we said that they were three ways of dealing with the situation. The first one was thinking on the professional level how we could start bringing projects to the table to open up. Opportunities or tackle issues of people having to migrate knows on the understanding of migration and how migration has shaped places and cds. No and how we could create possibilities are in on. Those communities are on those realities second novel. We said okay. We could also work individually with our social political agenda. No each of us could decide. What is your social political agenda involving yourself in produce or maybe being more insistent with politicians attended and the third one we said it was a productive line of work was the academia. I'm interested though because in many ways it doesn't seem like an architectural project or design project. It seems well. It seems like a study almost in sociology or politics. I mean what is this. Tell me well. I believe architecture social it should be way more thought from the social from the human point of view but it is definitely architecture. He's about space is about physical ground any about their geographical relationship of these two countries and the construction of the social within space. And i think that one of the important issues for me was that in any school any given school in both sides of the were there we have been really lacking the opportunity of understanding the subjects in deep completely by overlooking the history the development of the history of european architecture or ent like texture. No and these missing these regarding they history of the creation of these two countries as a reference. I mean when i was growing up i barely knew who frank lloyd. Wright was literally. I'm not kidding. And this is why. I did thirteen studios to make it a point. You know like of really the importance of the understanding of creating studios that would promote the idea of understanding their existence in these two countries not and they relations because it's truly instrumentally has become symbiotic in all other aspects of life nor the us won't exist without the relationship that has built with mexico. Mexico one exist is without their relationship that has built with the us. So i invited friends that i know untold limp guys. Do you want to join this idea. And you could develop any type of relief to work with your students but in needs to tackle any issues regarding their relationship between mexico and the us so this is where really arising topics because they're million topics infinite possibilities of really tackling of understanding what can space enable or these able within these and their historical issues geographical issues economical issues. Culturally shas religious. I mean you name it one of the things. I found super interesting from the book. And this is going quite micro and obviously the book and the project spans out. Looks very specific. Things was this idea of remittance houses. You know where people go to collect money from relatives. Perhaps who are in the us and sending money home which is a big source of income for lots of people in mexico and just how that has affected the urban landscape how these buildings of really helped construct urban areas. it was fascinating thing to look at their remittance. Has this is sorta huge topic because there are many angles on which to see them. And they are shaping the full landscape. Nope you've said before. You may even have said to me once architects kahn. Save the world. But i'm sure you hope. Expect this project and now this book will make some difference. Just tell us to what difference you hope it will make. I don't think i can do any change. Or as i said i don't think architecture contains the world but i think certainly we could build platforms for anyone to produce change and we do that all of us then. We're able to do a lot. So i always have decided to start and to put a foot out there and i hope that this book is something like that. My thanks to architect tatyana bilbao. She was speaking to monaco's ed stock to sell to the border reimagining. The region is published by school of architecture and laws mile publishers. And it's available for purchase. Now and that's all for this way if you're eager for more design stories. Listen to our full length. Program airing on tuesdays eight pm. London time. Today's episode was produced by mainly evans. I'm nick mesa. Thank you for listening and kabar..

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