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Of the Telecommunications Act of 1996, the last comprehensive update to Internet regulation. Theo Internet has experienced more than a few updates since 1996. But Internet regulations have not That's why Facebook supports updated regulations on key issues like preventing election interference. Protecting people's privacy. Reforming section 2 30 more see Facebook's progress on key issues and what's next at about that F b dot com slash regulations. Hey, David, I don't think Jerry's gonna invite me over to his house. You know why? Why is that? John? This is name is Jared, as you reminded me and as he provided me once or twice I'm sure he gets that a lot. Sorry, Jared, I'm coming over. I promise. Time for the news on wth again. It's 70 degrees have 5 30. Good morning. I'm Steve Britannic. The news has sponsored by builders supply outlet. Cease fire is holding in Gaza. The Cubs boss disappointed with where the team is on vaccination in business. U. S stock futures her higher this morning Dear shares her up after an earnings report this morning. Now with WGN traffic here is Vicky Cuckoos, Ian. Good morning. There's traffic report is brought to you by the state of Illinois family gathering summer cookouts vacations. It's time to get back to the things we've missed by getting the and protected by covert 19 vaccine. Do your part. Find out more at Corona Virus that Illinois dot Gove in northwest Indiana. We still have some heavy delays westbound 80 94 approaching Indianapolis Boulevard. This is all because of crash involving a semi That's blocking the two right lanes on the Illinois side of things. Heavy delays on the outbound Stevenson between Harlem and First Avenue where we have a car fire, blocking the left lane on the inbound side of the Stevenson at Harlem. We have another crash that's blocking the left lane there as well. I'm Vicky Cocu's Ian W. GM traffic Central..

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