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Thank you, yeah! Great Newton, where can people find you online, Sara? I write a blog. called red thread broken so the that website is broken dot wordpress, Dot Com and I'm on. FACEBOOK and instagram as red thread broken, and then I tweet under grace paying haw. That's a grace Jr. C. E. P. I.. N. G. H. U. A. Right. Yes, I will follow you. Death US how about yourself I'm at Dan, Aka Dan Diana K. D. A. N. on instagram twitter, and that most of the social so please follow me. There I've got new music coming out so beyond the luck after that. I'm very excited about that. A new theme song for you guys. Need that. We should also note that you're documentaries are out there to a Dan right, the first one an AK soul right. Yes, please that they're easy to find on YouTube. If you look up, AK Danner AK soul. The first one is mainly about my story, and then the second one tells the story of four other adoptees from around the world and their own identity in connection to being Korean and being adopted cool. Excellent. How about you? I can be found at original spin mostly on twitter, but anywhere else. You might want to look for me. I'm usually there as well and Phil. Where can angry Asian man be found? You can find me on the socials at angry Asia man in on angry. Asia Dot Com. You'd find they call Bruce at they. Call Bruce on twitter. Sometimes instagram facebook as well if you can draw by apple podcasts and leave, they call us bruce a rating or review. We really appreciate it. It always helps every little bit helps people find the show? That's it for this episode of they. Call Spruce Gray Stanton. Thank you so much. Thank you everybody out there. WHO's listening sticking with us? And Until next time..

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