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Insecurity utah providers. If you don't have the ability to sit down with yourself like why am. I feeling that way. Is it relevant to right. Now what can i do fix it. S the best question ourselves not like ignored stuff in the opposite next training camp with the next one. I do better as the ability to to take your performance at actually like be honest with yourself and your own critic lead but not in the aspect of menu. Soccer like all unity better. It's more like i wanted. I do good out. How can i build on that. And we're we're we're we're am. I falls okay. Let's address those flaws in this training camp before you the next name before i get in training camp and that's that's kind of what i'm doing man Just this is how this whole year twenty twenty-nine like a crazier growth for me on an inches. It's amazing i'm on this journey of this mindset. It's really. It's our phone especially in sports. The mind controls the body controlling the flow. If you can get enough flow and you can get all that other. That's where i get. I get to thinking about. And that's showtime cake was born in. I was in this flow. State is nothing else mattered. But that moment right there and recently i've lost that ability and i'm kind of getting back to that and it's crazy i didn't even know it before but now i can actually see it now losing track. I'm losing my ability to be in this conversation. Her or in this training session or whatever it is. He going my daughter. I see it like you drift. You're like all right. Let me pull myself back. When did i drift Focused back on this one right now. So it's interesting to hear you say this because i'll be honest with you. I mean you look at your record. You look at your resume. Regardless of wins or losses you have literally fight everyone who never turned it down. You've never turned down an opportunity. You've never said no. And you look at that roster. It's just unbelievable. The guys who fought and then when this fight came about. I mean you can make a case that out. Moreno is the least known guys since the. Wc days right. i mean it's just been a murderer's row and initially. I was like wow you went from surani burner. I know that might sound like a a knock on. I'm not trying. Knocking is just no. I mean he's not a household name like forget and all these guys and so when you got that offer what did you think. Did you need to get up for him or because of the you didn't need it was like it's it's a blessing you know what i'm saying like i i'm i'm blessed to be part of this car. I'm blessed to be part of the And guys like that need fights like this to get known. That's how i got down. You know how to take the big fights. I had two big names and everybody knew killers. Like there's no there's no easy pfizer's now like all depends on what fighters show up that night. You know like he could be on his a game in. No you get a cold night before the fight. And that's that's the story. They wrote Five fifteen minutes so every fight is dangerous on. But i think where i'm at right now looking to jump back to that title picture living right back in that top. Ten top fifteen where ryan looking at that no more. It's just progressing in one side field. Like i got that everything clicking on the right the right single cylinders. That's when i go back to my timer. Run it takes fights like this Walk kabwe three weeks notice. We got in there. I had a great time in fight. And i was only working with mica probably like two or three months before that from it yet made by may two three months before that flight so i had a little bit tools. I was using it more. My personal life fortanix up my personal life to fix our with my family. My mom my daughter my fiance my brothers and then Now he switched gears towards my career in bro. it's crazy now like the drills. He's doing a little small things. That like you think are irrelevant to fighting man. You relate back to that when times. Get tough and you're in your sparring sessions and you're like damn i can't out get tagged up the ability to bring yourself back in light all right. Let me get back to my game plan. My my my skill set. It changes everything you don't you don't lose a whole practice because of a shitty of one. Should he thought no you practice and you get better at any better at recognizing that thought it all the other. It's kinda deep up i mean. Yeah no i love it. Once i feel once on fighters understand it there minutes so so freeing as a fighter again if you want the entire conversation with anthony pettis and of everyone that you heard from today go to the espn emma youtube channel. They're all they're unedited for your enjoyment. Obviously appreciate you listening on the pot as well. We've got another big weekend of may coming up. There's one championship on december. Eighteenth their cfc on the eighteenth as well cast w with their final show of the year and of course the final ufc fight card of the year. And what a card. It is as of right. This second. Fourteen fights on this car. There were fifteen but we lost one. We'll see what it ends up with. Action kicks off at four. Pm eastern on espn plus main card. Seven pm eastern. Just listen to this main card wonderboy thompson against jeff. Very important fight fighter. One seventy. both guys haven't fought this year. Both guys obviously players at seventy.

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