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A great time speaking at two with with two men that I've interviewed before I've got Joe Martel former Boston morning rock if you don't mind the word and I'm speaking with Chris Gorman who is the son of Harvey Korman and they are just having a great time German so this group so more time with Joe but I've got full line so don't no I won't I won't keep Germany more windows which are you accusing does wonderful comments about my father Joe just a tremendous tremendous talent and thank you he and Tim wars unbelievable with Carol Burnett just a tremendous talent and I'm so glad to speak with you turn to you because it's about some turn somebody wrote a book about this show I'm glad you did because I was losing my mind if somebody had not you know because you did what you want about Vegas I mean this is all the other great sorrow I thought Spencer will be captured in anyways I think what was much better afternoon people getting credit for his chemistry with every parks was off the charts never work together but what I think is interesting is that Tom Sawyer and Robert do that TV movie pilot told born child yeah yeah the pilot and my cousin was in that movie no kidding are you sure you're already talking you don't have a copy of that to you I'd love to I'd love to see bunco I've never seen the the pilot if I get a hold of it I will give it to you I will find it for you I would love to have a copy of that Chris thank you so much sorry this has been a pleasure all which are you already Johnson you just I can live in one go with my cousins what a family tree you have yes it's great harmonies he was a I was in therapy by now but I just saw your crime some reason for all that you right hello I am going to okay no let's stay in touch I will I will I will do for you and for your smoking in the order summary that connects you it's really easy I'm going right now it still Martel at AOL dot com please drop me a line all right Chris okay I I love you more you need at all for that bunker for you thank you Chris I appreciate it thank you could use it at all Bob but didn't get a lot of credit he deserved you didn't translate well according to those in and higher ups in Hollywood that make film because he loved his family he loved acting but he loved his family more and I think he turned down a lot a lot of work that maybe he shouldn't have passed on and on is he he really didn't get the credit he deserves and I hope people will will read the book and and enjoy what I what I put together on Bob yeah I think what really makes the book special if I can just say this is it I took Bob's personal journal so a lot of the book of his own words so and one of the people that read it one of the critics quote unquote so it's like having Bob back with us and what and to me I you know he'd pull me over I city thank you so much for saying that because that's exactly what I want people to take away from this book but Bob is right here telling his story because it is a story right now what's really going back to the phones and we have a story to tell you about Marvin Hagler by the way arm about mom marvelous Marvin Hagler Arbel after all righty speak you speak with Benny from wind filled me are you there Hey Joe all why yeah my man my main man it was a Saturday Night Live with the oldies how are you building I'm actually Joan yourself I'm doing I'm I'm doing okay you know would you let me know mutual is best used to but I I'm doing all right that's good I mean I don't have any stories as good as the jags you've been talking the previous not but that was one heck of a show all of Robert Urich shows were just super they all were yes and no wait a minute you have a story didn't get to see some one of the episodes filmed what you want yes that's what I'm a sense about what I was going to tell you yeah he yet the showed was blood money and one of my one of my brother's friends said that when he was in college he lives over in Brookline and they were using his house so we would kinda like pretty much free to roam believe it or not pretty much not like today you can even get near the set but we did manage to get in there I see I sh saw him reading the script and we just kind of gave him a little nod but Jack out of debt that was about it but you know just the fact of seeing him and you know being on the set and the special effects department was over on behind the arsenal in Watertown and we used to work over there every day at lunch I would go over to see what new vehicles they ruined and that I I used to love that Mustang and when I saw that thing go god that's it you know but you know he had an argument with that John Wilder who produce Spencer the first year because he wanted to sharper looking car like you drove on Vegas and John said no no no no you've got a you've got to stay with this one it was kind of beat up and it was kind of a green color right yes I recall yeah it isn't on the funny thing about it is exactly that I mean I think he had a good he he wanted the shop tablet from me he looked like he looked in that cat driving around and that was still him the accident rate yeah but other than that I don't I don't like is gonna doing okay she's doing very well in fact she's sleeping at the moment well I should be and me too yeah exactly but that but that your show Morgan no but you're saying that your job wait a minute yeah Hey Benny thanks for going on these great voice are you coming to Boston to promote their book at all I hope so I don't think so this fall but maybe in the spring we'll see how things go we definitely got to get back there was that's been sent from Iran and Bob living there for so long to absolutely yes and we're actually okay but some Italian food want to schedule allows you to come back here please let me know and I'll have you in in studio to to promote it all that big break more done yet definitely rate of down like you know looking forward to the book Joe and expanding ratio well let's talk to you soon thank you the eagles been me for a long way mark and Tyrone let me take my break and then I think he will give both of you on a to prime okay and my callers my listeners know fried Callum wanna do something I do the best I can to make it happen and I don't know if we'll get more than the two I've promised to be armed but if you wanna try six one seven two five four ten thirty eight eight eight nine two nine ten thirty and now I will tell you the time and the temperature here in Boston two forty four and seventy five degrees the.

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