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CBS news special report, there's a major development right now involving Michael Cohen, President Trump's longtime personal lawyer at federal court in New York. We're live with CBS news. Correspondent Steven Portnoy at the White House. Stephen a source familiar with the matter. Gary told CBS news that Michael Cohen was expected to plead guilty to lying to congress. The president's longtime attorney is right now in Manhattan federal court reportedly admitting he wasn't truthful when he spoke with congressional investigators about a deal to put a Trump Tower in Moscow Cohen told congress that negotiations on that project ended in twenty sixteen. They apparently went on much longer the broader significance of this is not clear at this point, but pleading guilty to that one lie indicates that Cohen is prepared to tell prosecutors much more about his dealings with the. President and with Russia. Gary CBS news correspondent Steven Portnoy live at the White House Coen's appearance today in federal court in New York is a surprise. It comes just two weeks before he's scheduled to be sentenced for an earlier guilty. Plea CBS news special report, I'm Gary Nunn. And I'm Paul Rasmussen. Former Pennsylvania attorney general Kathleen Kane is behind bars after reporting to a suburban Philadelphia county jail. She serving a sentence of ten to twenty three months for leaking grand jury material and lying about it. Gained showed up at the Montgomery County correctional facility just before eight AM. Well, airs non nonstop lights from Pittsburgh to Iceland are in a holding pattern. It's the airline reevaluates waiter schedules. The post gazette reports the airport authority paid while eight hundred thousand dollars to secure the service yesterday cutter Airways ended cargo flights that cost the thirty one point five eight million dollars in subsidies county, executive rich bits Gerald tells the Katie k radio morning news. He's not concerned about the airline industry of we've seen this over the years. And we experienced with US air a number of years ago, the dynamics and fluid nature of this market is very difficult in Pittsburgh, a very good position. Because we're way ahead of a lot of our competitive cities. Delta is dropping its Pittsburgh to Paris flights while British Airways will start nonstop service to London in April on Wall Street heparin, Tillerson says the Dow is down sixty five points in early trading at twenty five thousand three oh one. The NASDAQ is off twenty nine points at seventy to sixty three in sports the saints play the Cowboys in Dallas on Thursday night football. The news is brought to you by summit, psychological services. Helping you live a higher quality of life. It's ten zero three AAA traffic and AccuWeather next. Progressive.

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