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A part of. I mean, it's it was that. Yeah. Story about a five year old child not being allowed to go to the bathroom king on himself in the middle of the survey. And how he deserves to be punished in the middle of in front of everyone because he didn't hold his urine. You know? It goes without saying there is nothing nothing resembling the gospel or Christianity in this. This this movement. Let let's take a few moments. Not that he deserves it. But we need to understand who this Sam fife fellow was. Yeah. Was he? His childhood is is a bit of a mystery kind of popped out of nowhere in the nineteen sixties. He he's started up and Baptist ministry. I believe it was in Florida that he started. And then he grew from there and his first church was in New Orleans, which is where he did that extra schism with the Jane tape n and how about undercover minister at Tulane psychiatric ward. So he he he's a little bit of a mystery about where did he come from? So some people say, you know, his father was in the military, but he just kind of popped up out of nowhere. The street preacher by playing guitar on the corners, and you know, preaching to people, and that's how he got his start. And and was he charismatic? I mean, how was he able to attract so many people he was very charismatic? And I suppose if we look at him as we would look at, you know, a sociopath or somebody who psychotic and and she's preaching method. You can you can hear if you you can hear him on my website. I could really good way to listen to him is to listen to that extra system. That's exactly how he prays. So he definitely used a lot of those neuro linguistic tricks, which is using tone in your voice. This in pastoral school apoliticial has learned that she learned it in public speaking. It's a way to spend your audience enraptured. So he definitely knew that that methodology. Of of getting people in raptured into what he was saying. And the the possessions worldly possessions that your mother had and other members of this called had were they turned over to Sam fives organization did was he profiting from this. Absolutely. I mean, you had everything the coke dictated every portion of your life. So my first memory wear pulling up into.

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