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In arizona stranded drivers rescued by air. This is nbc. nightly news. With lester holt reporting. Tonight from tokyo from tokyo where at long last olympic competition is in full swing the first medals being awarded team. Usa anxious to get on the medal. Count board all. The athletes quickly adjusting to competing in front of empty seats. And without the reassuring cheers from family though in some instances usa athletes taking up the cheering role for fellow americans as expected kovic. Still rewriting the competition schedule here. As another positive test and the athlete ranks forces and event cancellation the olympics. Prime time hosts. Mike to rico mike. How're the athletes handling this new normal. I think they're getting used to it. Lester because they got used to it in training and when the olympics were delayed for a year. I think we're seeing also a lot of the olympians be very careful in their interactions in the olympic village. Compared to maybe other looks you. Guys have a big primetime lineup. What are we looking at tonight. We're going to see swimming. I was over at the swimming competition earlier. A lot of atmosphere and there with teammates creating the atmosphere so a lot of the other usa swimmers will be reading the us onto the pool probably early chances for a medal and skateboarding makes its olympic debut before to a new generation come to the olympic stage. You got a busy night. Thanks for stopping by my pleasure. Lister and our primetime coverage of the tokyo olympics begins at eight. pm eastern right here on nbc back in the us. There is increasing concern or a how to end the surgeon. Cova cases fueling new conversations inside the white house about whether some will need a vaccine booster shot. Here's cathy park tonight. A sharp shift on booster shots from the white house. The new york times reporting senior health officials are considering an extra dose for at risk. Americans plus those sixty five and older as long as the world is not only vaccinated. This virus will continue to replicate mutate and it increases the chances that we will need a regular vaccine series this week independent advisors at cdc urged federal regulators to move quickly on a decision for a booster saying people with weakened immune systems have a higher chance of breakthrough infections while the pfizer. Vaccines await full fda approval. Cdc may be working around that the chief medical officer on the cova. Nineteen vaccine taskforce saying. They're looking at ways to provide early access to a booster shot the administration previously saying there was enough evidence for boosters nationwide. The numbers keep climbing the seven day. Average for new infections is up more than fifty percent from last week in horrid hit missouri cases. shot up seventy percent in two weeks. Researchers say the delta variant is fueling the surge bucay. Barron was the most contagious virus. We'd ever seen it took over the entire state in three months. The delta varying did that in three weeks. Some hospitals in the state are treating unvaccinated cova patients for a second time. What covert last year gonna be affected this year and some of them are getting bit into hospital to slow. The spread. Saint louis will reimpose. An indoor mass mandate starting monday the nfl also doubling down with fallout from the announcement that teams could face forfeits for covert outbreaks among unvaccinated players. A coach for the minnesota vikings and the new england patriots reportedly out for reasons related to the new guidelines and with training camp about to get underway. The nfl's medical director says that eighty percent of the players have received at least one dose of the vaccine lesser. Kathy park thank you. There are growing number of so-called breakthrough cases these are cases where people who are fully vaccinated are now testing positive. Sum getting sick. There's von hilliard. With wyatt's happening and what you should know. The headlines unexpected seven vaccinated sanford students positive for covert six vaccinated texas democrats traveling together positive and hundreds of cape cod residents and vacationers vaccinated but positive these are headlines that make us stop in sync. Where is this going. Public health officials agree if you're fully vaccinated. You almost certainly won't be hospitalized or die from cova the numbers of people who get infected with serious illness or who are dying from kovic nineteen after being vaccinated is extremely low. Really low look at these numbers in la county alone. Twenty percent of confirmed cases were breakthrough cases but less than one hundred percent of those vaccinated have been hospitalized. But why are we seeing. So many cases now delta has turned our streets into a nascar track two levels a thousand times what the early virus would have gotten to in people's areas in their blood in just do those who are vaccinated get. My leads were still feeling a little bit. We and i was dizzy and just totally fatigued at this point. As handle fullerton is fully vaccinated. She was sick for more than a week. How many vaccinated people are getting sick. It'd be really hard to know what not really doing enough testing to fully appreciate comedy people who have been vaccinated. Have ace symptomatic infection. The cdc has not changed its guidance for those vaccinated but experts are making their own risk assessments. Even if you're vaccinated. I would really advise that you continue wearing a mask indoors if one were to get infected having been vaccinated one is very likely to have mild disease more like a standard flu or a bad cold. So i'm not living in fear of the delta variant evolving advice as the virus evolved von hilliard. Nbc news new cova restrictions across parts of europe and in australia ignited mass protests. Today in france crowds clashed with police. Angry over the government's upcoming mandate requiring vaccinations or a negative. Kobe tests to access most public venues and in australia. Thousands march.

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