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Now, with the latest news from New York City and around the world, here's Michael Barr. He said, John, Chinese leader Xi Jinping has left Moscow wrapping up a three day visit shortly after Japanese prime minister fumio kishida left Kyiv. Meanwhile, the USS statements coming from China and Russia about a proposed peace plan for Ukraine are off target. Bloomberg's head Baxter has the story. The White House has neither Kyiv nor Washington can even consider it National Security Council spokesman John Kirby says there is no mention of backing off occupied land. He and his regime keeps parroting the Russian propaganda that this is somehow a war of the west on Russia that it's some sort of existential threat to mister Putin. That's just a bunch of malarkey. When Ukraine posed no threat to anybody, let alone Russia. Kirby says Putin's aim and having she in Moscow is to get a promise of more lethal aid which to this state he says they've not seen any evidence of his doing. In San Francisco, I met Baxter Bloomberg radio. Security is being ramped up in Lower Manhattan ahead of former president Donald Trump's possible indictment in the stormy Daniels hush money investigation, supporters and critics have been at the Manhattan courthouse after Trump called for protests. Florida governor Ron DeSantis is flashing a newfound willingness to strike back at Donald Trump after largely ignoring the former president's intensifying attacks in the interview with British journalist Piers Morgan and published in the New York Post, desantis criticized the Trump administration's handling of the coronavirus and the former president's own leadership. Arkansas restricting public school bathroom use by transgender people, as you were signed by governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Live from the Bloomberg interactive broker studios, this is global news 24 hours a day. Powered by more than 2700 journalists and analysts in over 120 countries, how Michael Barr, this is Bloomberg. Wherever your business takes you, Bloomberg radio is here with you. Breaking economic news, crossing the Bloomberg. Powered by 2700 journalists and analysts. So let's get to some of the day's gainers. In more than 120 countries around the world. We are seeing

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