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Down the road here I mean I think the whole premise of this is the idea that if Brett Brown is not the right coach of this team, you have to at least try right before you start entertaining dramatic ideas of blowing up the team you're really banking on a tie. Lou to come in and make sense of this. You know a different kind of coach and maybe that's the most dramatic difference in terms of this Miami Philadelphia parallel is accountability right? Like if nothing else the Pat Reilly. Erik spoelstra regime is an engine of accountability and that's been the complaint all along with Brett Brown is that guys like Ben Simmons Joel Embiid in particular are not being held to account are not being forced to play the way they should or not being your that voice for Like br bread is a good human being and good at relating to people and good at connecting with guys. But clearly, that was not his strong suit in terms of getting those guys to play the way they needed to. So there comes a point at which regardless you know I think breads a good coach. But that voice wasn't reaching anybody. You certainly wasn't reaching the most meaningful members, the organization which are Joel Embiid Ben Simmons, and so sometimes, it changes sake can be meaningful in that particular way. I it is funny. What time Miami Philadelphia there are those close from Josh Richardson where he literally just said what Rob said in. So many words it's like word for word culture accountability. I was somewhere with was culture and accountability. Now I'm not. We got to change that like that was a direct quotes Dot Richardson is known anybody having said that though it would have been better if Jefferson, like made a couple more shots. Yeah. Initiative offense a little bit better if he played like he did in Miami so. I don't know obviously the situation is a mess. Run out of time here. So let's do either the blazers over the Magic Tom as as our guests you WanNa talk about the future of Orlando or Portland Portland let's go. The wrong answer Tom. Talking about Portland. Just frees us up to do a whole magic podcast later don't. I want you to have the ball for for sixty minutes on the Orlando Magic. Takes don't worry about it, but Aaron Gordon though so obviously, Portland had a pretty miraculous run here they're barely getting by on the court right now it seems like everyone just needs a nap like in the middle of the game, they just need to set up the blankets in the locker room wherever is going on backstage there and take some time off to. Damian, Lillard at least for this next game on Wednesday which. Would end here so. Sorry if they ended up making them racket come back and when Gabriel scored fifty points, but we'll just assume. Tom, what's what's the path forward here? Do they have enough as currently constructed? They need like one more piece in there good or do they need something a little bit more significant? Ben I think they need a ball mover three, four wing Draymond green is always thrown out as the guy that a that they need. They need just someone who's able to relieve some of the pressure off Damian Lillard, defend and pass. Because I. Guess The the point is that Nurk was supposed to be that guy, but he doesn't play any defense right now whether you can chalk it up to conditioning rare being away from the game for a year these dealing with a death in the family, but they have provided absolutely no No pressure whatsoever defensively, and Nurk is a really good passer But I think they just need someone on the wing not trigger Reza They got mellow who's as you know as much of a black holes, any player in the League on the wing. So going forward I do think that they need to be pragmatic about their ceiling in this current format and I love the back court receive mccollum, and Damian Lillard. But I also love the idea of them. Being for a guy who's able to be. In an I duNno. If there is a player Andrea Goodall in his prime, but someone like that, who can defend and move the ball and be the kind of that that wing defender that can also be a point guard in a pinch. Am I crazy for thinking that that might be Kyle Anderson's music. Thinking in my head, but that'd be a great pickups for them like I love that idea and that's the threshold you're working with right. You're not going to get a guy that defends and moves the ball and hits threes. You might be able to get to those things and so Anderson's I already have visions in my head of him being in that you know the Mohawk lists spot essentially of being able he has to shoot five corner threes in this playoff game and it's GonNa. Come down to whether he hits one of them are three of them and isn't that isn't Kyle. Anderson. Just tall and Turner though. Rude. How.

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