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Hi marty how are you that was a lot of baseball today in tonight yeah it was it was it was close to seven hours baseball but i don't know for me it was sort of the throwback to you know the old candlestick where we didn't have the swirling papers knowing around the left field corner with max leone pitching for the atlanta braves in the second game but it kind of had everything else i i like it i like it no matter and i'll tell you this before you give your comments on the game baseball is talking about cutting back this scheduled to one hundred fifty four games that that's the case may be there would be another double header to thrown in there and there are also people are talking about making a special holiday day you know like july fourth day or something like that where everybody plays a double header on that day and that sort of america's baseball's gift to america so to speak so we may see it again what's interesting i mean i remember back in the day they would purposely scheduled doubleheaders like yeah so what what's the difference why did they stop doing that money you know there's so many tv dates and of course admissions and all that stuff so it you know it's it's always a money issue but there are ways to make up that money and there is a sort of a groundswell of opinion essay on certain holidays baseball should celebrate the game of baseball with a double header so we'll see if that comes about.

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