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Have gotten at least one dose of the Fizer or Madonna vaccine. The Democratic governor of Wisconsin, Tony Evers, has issued a new statewide mask order just in our after the Republican controlled legislature repealed his previous mandate. You're listening to ABC News now. Here's what's happening around the state on Sacramento's news 93.1 kfbk. Good evening. I'm Joe Michael's homeless advocates have launched a campaign to recall Sacramento Mayor Gerald Steinberg after they say six on housed people died during a major storm last week. To trigger the recall. The sacramental homeless Union will need to collect about 28,000 signatures for the Sacramento County clerk and have them verified within the next 160 days. Westley Husi, a political science professor at Sacramento State. Says that's unlikely to happen even less likely than recalling the governor. Because going to require money. It's enough signatures to require organization and money on bond. There's just probably less people interested in giving money in their time. While sacramental homeless union members lay the blame for the six deaths at the mayor's feed, not all on House advocates are convinced Steinberg needs to go. Bob Berlin, Bush with the Sacramento Regional Coalition to end homelessness, for example, who says the mayor has been a champion for the on housed Sacramento City School Board meeting tonight will determine the fate of several school board programs gave because Jensen radar tells us it's being held. Even though the district has the largest reserve fund in its history. The Sacramento City Teachers Association is calling the fiscal recovery plan proposed by the superintendent ill conceived. The plan calls for cuts to several education enhancing programs. That could devastate students and families as C T a president David Fisher, threatening to cut social workers, preschool music, art and a lot of other programs. That would be painful for students. And the biggest thing is his completely unnecessary district has continually projected incorrectly, and they're doing it again, he says. The district consistently mismanages and misrepresents the budget, always putting programs on the chopping block. District currently has a surplus of $93 million. Jensen Raider News 93 Play one kfbk, the U. S Drought, monitors says despite a serious of soaking storms, most of California is still in some level of drought. Officials say Nearly 60% of the state is in the moderate to severe drought category. Another 30% is in the more extreme drought range. That includes most of the Sacramento Valley from Solano County, north to the Oregon border. I'm Joe Michael's News 93.1 kfbk now. Sacramento traffic..

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