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Sell bells don't actually sound light they sound like alarms and they're priced in an emergency by prisoners and officer space to attend to them within minutes but that's not happening what the chief inspector peter clarke has found in his latest report into one's worth prison in london is at the response by officers is totally inadequate and dangerous and he says that he personally saw on his inspection officers gathered on the wing ignoring the sal bells and what did he have to say about other conditions at the prison well he specifically is concerned about how dangerous this situation is with ignored sal bells that this could actually put people's lives in danger he will have the forefront of his mind the case of us valdas pie gear is an eighteen year old prisoner who had mental health problems he was found on five separate occasions with a ligature around his neck he pressed his bell a nobody came for thirty seven minutes and he was eventually found hanging in his cell and he never regained consciousness at once worth prison and the officer on gt says she didn't see or hear the bell his family have given that first interview since his death in twenty sixteen they taught me about that grief and how the officers they say didn't care about him i've also spoken to a prison officer who worked at the prison in twenty sixteen and she was not surprised that it taken so long the officers to respond because she says they routinely when she what ignored the bowels partly the problem is is that prisoners are not easing them just for emergencies the ministry of justice have said that they again apologize for the avoidable failings in house father's figures was managed and the improvements have been made to how the prison stuff at once worth identify support a monitored honorable prisoners and concerns about overcrowding there as well yep rita clock has said that this is the most overcrowded prison in england and wiles he found that cells that were designed for one prisoner at she being used by two and he was extremely concerned about the living conditions conditions of prisons but he did notice that had been some improvements this echoes ready what he was saying in his annual report that came out on wednesday where he talked about the levels of violence and selfharm so he conway many thanks i'm going to be hearing from peter clark at seven thirty minutes past six well let us turn back to the white paper on brexit we know this morning particularly if we have read the sun what donald trump thinks what does business think of it does it deliver that white paper on a brexit that business can be happy with lucy baden is here without in the rest of the day's business news thanks just in well the white papers put a bit more meat on the bones of the uk's brexit plan and indicates a big divergence in how the uk wants goods and services to be treated after the uk's left the eu we learned the u k wants to maintain a free trade aaron good so the common rule book for all goods traded with the eu q cautious cheers from the world of manufacturing but on services the uk has ditched its mutual recognition pan where the uk and e you would have recognized each other's rules covering banks fund management group and insurance firms instead.

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