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Amount of positive impact for them with about half of that number saying there's a great deal or a really significant positive impact of that Erin Norman apart in mind strategy says the number of Americans who feel hopeful has dropped slightly to thirty percent but most who are hopeful say that comes from the time they've had to reflect upon what's important in their life just twenty two percent say they're hopeful because they see conditions around them improving and that's actually down three points from last week the award consisting WTOP news some other news of the day almost half of Americans live in areas with unhealthy pollution levels there's a new report out from the American lung association that says the air in the DC area ranks among the worst in the country he used to rank among the new Shinn's worst twenty five cities for ozone smog or metro areas for ozone smog Kevin Stewart director of environmental health advocacy and public policy with the American lung association says that Arlington Virginia and Anna Rundle Harvard and Princeton were just counties in Maryland had the worst or F. grades on the other side of fog here in Frederick County Virginia got a grades Stewart said that climate change is still a major contributor and that these conditions could have a link to more people getting illnesses like the corona virus some very early evidence in this episode should jesting that exposure to air pollution may make people more vulnerable to covert nineteen inspection that I've logged WTOP news a sewage spill into four mile run in Arlington was discovered and stopped yesterday the people are being warned to keep themselves and their pets away from the water there's been no estimate on how much but a sanitary sewer pipe carrying waste from homes and businesses leaked into the stream near seventh street south it was no accident Arlington county department of environmental services spokesman Pete Culkin says a man hole was opened and rocks were dropped in someone or some people put put these rocks down there and that was blocking the flow and it was coming out of the mantle a work crew cleared the rocks and seal the manhole the county says people and pets should stay out of four mile run south of the spill until further notice Dick you only on WTOP news isn't big honors resume local high schools Thomas Jefferson high school for science and technology ranks number one in U. S. news and world report's rankings of the nation's best high schools in school without walls and Benjamin Banneker high school both in northwest DC also did pretty well they took the S. seventy third and ninety nine spots respectively how well black Hispanic and low income students performed on those state tests compared with those who are under served in their state and so that's that's where I think cool really want to pay attention right says it's an effort to all of their state it's not just sort of that the the top tier ones who have service and economic advantages that are propelling them to the top and needed no Ryan the is managing editor of education for US news Wendy is a food bank not exactly a food bank when it starts handing out gift cards instead of food when the cold cases started climbing and most volunteer staffers stayed home the Haymarket regional food pantry had to rethink its game getting food was tough with a skeleton staff so they gave it all away and then we started buying gift cards executive director Eileen Smith says it's a win win the gift cards help local businesses stay afloat and keep food on the table for some newly unemployed fifty percent of these folks are first time customers we've never seen them before and she says they're so grateful for the cards which are funded by donations to the pantry and you can help keep it going we have a donate now button right up at the top and rest assured every single dollar is going to get cards to nothing else we're here to help our folks Hillary Howard WTOP news still to come why losing sleep over the pandemic may not be such a bad thing it's a fifteen sports at fifteen and forty five powered by Red River technology decisions aren't black and white thank rad and here's Dave Johnson stay at home does not be golfers after socially distance themselves from their golf clubs really understaffed as director of instruction for the Baltimore golf academy there nothing is better than just winning the golf club I go with different clubs everyday sandwich some days my five water hybrid driver making sure you're taking little little debit sort of you know don't be afraid to pound the grass a little bit when you're swinging that way Jim going first in speed when you're swinging your driver if that wash going and you can spend your golf club for a good cause the twenty swig challenge Juliet with donate five dollars a barrel of food bag every time a player swings twenty times at home all match at all you have to do is tweet act classic the number five golf and at WTOP has take take a swig of hunger it could have video if you're like we're looking for the first one hundred golfers and you get more golf trips of Giulietta and more on the twenty swing challenger WTOP dot com Major League Baseball commissioner rob Manfred still expressing confidence it will be baseball at some point this season from a player's perspective Ryan Zimmerman we don't know how people are struggling and what it would mean to get sports back so I think you know more than ever there's initiative on both sides to come together that usually doesn't happen Mr but I think the end of the day it's going to be state for everybody exhibit with his wife heather through the pros for heroes foundation appraiser with we are thousand dollars for food and equipment for hospital workers they've got some of your deal be sports still to come a look at how hospitals in this area are faring it's eight seventeen I'm Dan Schroeder CEO sandy.

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