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Radio kevin lob am and fm headlines in augusta budget negotiators struck a series of latenight deals last night that could allow the house and senate to vote on another spending plan today the national weather service confirmed a fourth tornado in western main on saturday they were in the vehicle lake denmark into in breached in a holiday man was killed in an wendell woman has been charged in the motor vehicle crash late saturday many of maine's elderly out already worrying about how they'll stay warm this coming winter as president trump wants to eliminate the likely aimed wlob am and fm next week means total weather from channel eight wmtw santiago eighty today sunny and '70s for the fourth of july and a clear night for those fireworks tents in the '60s and a light winds mostly sunny wednesday 70s again and separatists thursday with late day clouds from channel eight i'm meteorologist sarah long bringing you maine's total weather todd live there's evidence that the free market works the marketplace's what is created all of the wondrous things that we have to take for granted in this world the marketplace's what brings us air conditioning grocery stores the internet all the things that you enjoy that's not a result of government government slows down and impedes the market government restore six freedomn of restricts the marketplace we'll take your calls about anything weeknights eight to ten saturday night seven nine on british portland's new fm one hundred point.

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