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You see, we made more than the president one year and he said, I had a better year. That's right. Yeah, during the Depression, the famous they gave him hell for making more money than Herbert Hoover, and his comment was well, I had a better year, but you can really trace through this work that you've done. And by the way, the text with each photograph does just an enormous amount of researcher. You could really Trace not only the Red Sox history but sort of baseball history, the racial divide. I mean, obviously, Earl Wilson comes into play Pump Sea green. Those the two black players first and the Red Sox were the last team to be integrated. And then, um, Here's a picture of a guy Gene Conley. And there's a interesting bit of trivia about Gene Conley because he also played for the Celtics. Right right. Connolly was one of the first two sports stars to spend half his season helping the Celtics win NBA titles in the late fifties on then, All right to spring training and sometimes arrive late Because the Celtics played so late into the season, he'd literally you know, turning his uniform to Red Auerbach and show up in Sarasota for spring training with the Red Sox and start Getting ready to pitch for the upcoming season. I just realized the Red Sox have had at least three Nixon's I always thought they were to rust, Nixon unnoticed. Nixon. I found another Nixon in here. Ah, picture, I think. See, I learned that and none of them were named Tricky Dick. None of them were Republicans, no doubt or whatever. But so this takes us by the way all the way up to How fitting the last player. The last picture is Carl Crawford and Poor Karl had a rough opening season. But listen, he's got six years left, so I'm sure he's gonna Tried desperately to turn it around thing. Spirit of New England returns with Be easy flashback back right here on WBZ. Boston's news radio. W busy lady. Staying connected to everything going on in our neck of the woods can get pretty complicated..

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