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Major this this choice statement also addressed the remains of americans missing in action or held as prisoners of war during the korean war this was so important to so many families what did it say the president said he heard a lot about it during the campaign trail and what the two countries have committed to is recovering and repatriating those remains jeff about fifty three hundred americans estimated to still be in north korea after the korean war some sixty five years later many in mass graves this has been worked on before but was stalled when north korea did not live up to its pledges on denuclearization so you can assume that those two issues repatriation denuclearization will be merged yet again major garrett thanks very much the two koreas reported this summit much differently there was walltowall coverage in the south but in the north news of the summit was delayed state tv showed an opera as the president and kim jong un met in singapore ben tracy joins us more with more on all of this right now then you've been north korea multiple times how all of this point to be portrayed there were already seen the front page of the newspaper in north korea today in it is covered with pictures of kim jong hoon with president trump and that's one of the big things that kim jong got out of this he looks like a confident world leader on the world stage he does it look like the leader of an isolated nation anymore china and south korea also been watched so closely here reaction from them a lot of music in south korea south korea obviously has the most to lose the most to gain from this immediately it does seem like the prospect of any sort of military action is off the table that's great news for south korea president moon of south korea really influential in getting some to happen at all and in china you're seeing their quite happy with this especially the cessation of military exercises that is something china has asked for for a long time that's a big gift to them and you're already seeing the chinese floating the idea of easing sanctions on north korea before there really is big progress then great to have you here with us thank you very much we're.

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