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Conduct greg. Who runs the game. I'm hannah i play indra anderson Door owner. I'm guy i play pip. Mikhael who is dealing with some shit. I will never go first dealer. I mean i always go first executive. I'm steffan. I played drinks. Who is at empty. No thought empty heartful. Oh now that a hard fall. That's a good way to describe all him booze that's true had empty heartful. Otherwise you're just died Dump that on the shirt and empty heartful. You heard you heard it here. Amy actually heard aki thanks. Anyways are line bowls have just said could just just say goodbye to miss genevieve k. The elision reporter played by our friend. Joel lean who heading off. Now you're on the region in the city of sun fall so named and famous for its large volcano that is within the lightning barrier the source of this area's warmth and probably not light But yeah the source of the series warmth for volt volcanic rock does glow. I like actually yet. What i've tried to do here about. Yes there is actually a globe on you can see. There is a right glow from around the volcano but are rape. I just lake volcanoes. Okay guys no. No i gotcha. So who departs the train I think particularly big about your kitchen. Staffer this although maybe candice Candidates as she hands. You your pay for this line. are i add. Genevieve seemed to be pretty happy on her way out and see. None of you guys are scheduled to be hollowed. So thanks a lot for whatever you did over the course of this right. Yeah i'll come. The hollow thing is really unhappy about that too. Yeah yeah you know. it's personally why i hate. The whole business of working with the ministry feels like they shouldn't be allowed to do that. Yeah the fact that that was a threat is kind of disconcerting. If you know what. I mean it is unfortunate. But by becoming line bowls you have offered your body's and service of the imperial railways and his majesty the immortal emperor and he Well let's say he has imminent domain on those late sexy yours unfortunately cool very normal extremely normal world. this is by flesh puppet andrew. Don't worry this is why. This is why i don't do a regular route. We keep moving. If we're all over the place to less chance gets to deal with these people. I want you all to know that you are on my train and take care of you thanksgiving together. Arabia will take you pay have funding son fall. We're supposed to be heading to severance next So i guess you should be excited for that. A colbourne should should be visit home. You know so Who would like to describe themselves versus the lead. The train i know pip is doing something. So maybe he'll go lasts. Okay andrel andrew. She is a young woman Extremely thirteen years older child back. You know what was probably misnomer. She's she's a little girl she should turn fourteen eventually. I say that every young girl thirteen years old from a roux via she is a copper skinned has short kind of messy dark hair. mischievous little grin Recently a someone asked me like what andrew wears. And i decided. She wears like victorian orphan boy clothing wits. like struggles. That if you wanna if you want a better description it turns out. There are lots of victorian orphan. Boy halloween costumes out there. There's something real about that. Also followed by a doorbell. Her door jimmy. Who is a. He looks like a german shepherd but he is hairless and he has was at two legs in front one in the bag because he's back in want him fry and he's got a handlebar moustache. That is only hair. He is a good boy. He chimney york yard. Yeah andrew as you're leaving the train you smell something. It smells like like forest. Which is something that you you haven't smelled much of naturally Yeah i'm not even sure. I would recognize recognize it but for listeners. It's like a forest like the woods not in a musky way also departing. The train is grandpa dressed very nicely. She's got a best on. She's got like a tie but she's getting set she sees you with a with. Jimmy was not not back a gases. Is this legally appropriate. Time to to give sleigh queen sleigh queen indeed sleigh. Jimmy johns a little. Your p- gives me little pets. Are you going somewhere. You look nice. Well i was going to miss k. While we are here that's fun. Yes i'm not gonna ask any more questions about that certainly Yeah oh but yes i. You're a good kid thank you. Yeah greta leave sir. I should start another another conspiracy known for what exactly for something all right next up tricks all right all right so drinks entre way. He is a tall several. See man with a dark skinned black hair. That's kind of currently but most of it is hidden under a large black cowboy hat. Red bend that. He's broad shouldered him on. Those shoulders is a vest over a but dunk shirt He's got a nice big belt with gold. Bucko a belt. Buckle not buck battle belt buckle you can presume the back says And yeah he's wearing some trousers and some boots he's he's got the whole cowboy gig but yes sleeves rolled up and he seems to be kind of a kind of really relaxed right now love. We're all having a very nice good time. Except for pip. Who is deeply took all of the trauma this are. You did happen about that about that. Yeah so as you're heading out drake's so a ways away There it seems. There's like a checkpoint outside the train station translation disease norway checkpoint going on You see the the reuven peacekeepers wearing leather armor with like falcons that are occasionally either like paying somewhere like like on them or like flying back with them working with imperial military and. It doesn't look like they're hassling anybody too much but they're just sort of talking to everybody coming coming.

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