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Business is actually booming. Some people say do you worry about competition? Not so much business out there that all we gotta do is just get up on the air for good to go. They plan to expand their rocket engine manufacturing and testing facility, Briggs. And we'll have a launch pad at Cape Canaveral in Florida. Eric like of NewsRadio KLBJ seven more homes and two more businesses now in the evacuation area and Georgetown connected to a February. Twentieth. Natural gas leak underground atmos-. Energy says it does have crews working around the clock to clear the gas still trapped underneath the soil, but weather over the past couple of weeks is actually hampered the efforts sixty four homes and sixty six businesses are now impacted Texas teachers clashed with lawmakers over leaving a pay raise provisions out of the state house school finance plan. Patty Quincy of the Texas chapter of the American federation of teachers praised the house for calling for a six point three billion dollars. Bumping education spending by Texas. Teachers are already seven thousand dollars below the national average. So he would require. The legislature removed the mayor pay provisions and direct some of the additional revenues flowing through the formulas as funding for raises media chair Janet Hubert, he explained how they're playing with lead the raises up to the local school districts to professional teachers and counselors Iberians and everybody else that's part of this system is going to benefit from any of these changes that we do at the capitol. Chris FOX, News Radio KLBJ watchful Maynard or parents L police nab a registered sex offender who'd been reportedly prowling around the wild horse creek neighborhood, harassing child photo was also shared on social media of the man who police say fifty nine year old Richard Kroupa police say he was harassing the child near Lagos elementary school a Lago vista dental office becomes the target of vandals for the sixth time in the past four months. Dr Bonnie, Greg or with the Lago dental dental center tells cave, you she I thought it was just kids. But now, she's not so sure and she says her business is beginning to suffer because her boarded up windows. Make it look like a construction zone. Billy one eight to end it's getting them in the door. And that is blocking everything I think. It's making a difference. He has cameras in hopes of catching or deterring the person responsible and police are investigating and the Pflueger Bill city council approves spending more than fifty thousand dollars. Protect its water supply from the growing threat of zebra mussels. They've been found an intake pump and Flink lake. Flu reveal. However, the city says there is no direct threat to the drinking water right now. The money will be used to clean out that pipe, which is said to have about ninety percent muscle growth on its bottom. We do have a wind advisory in effect until eight o'clock this morning right now, it's seventy two degrees in downtown Austin. I'm Patrick Osborne. Get Austin news on demand at NewsRadio. The invitation to Lexus.

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