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You know what I'm saying and if you go to a show like a ballroom show whatever in music like the one hundred one hundred install. I mean you got to give credit where credit is due. You know what I'm saying and I'm paying homage in that way to say I live when I go to the club. You know you know in any of the shows that I've been to and I see how party I'm like I WANNA be a part of that. I want my from like it's a part of that. It's no it's like the music that gas is. You don't need nobody in the room but that's all gas Raza omitted you. Press it right in the museum name to me. It feels more world when I when I mean by that is not in any lane is not is an ally us up in one lane one. Dhanra is like I. Can I play a song here? I can play that Song Dubai at a party and I woke Yeah you know as I just felt like I wanted something that. Bill girl by that went very universal. Yeah you gotta be universal in box. I love bed and I love you. Mom Joyce Better get a lifetime Allah Berry Better Mate Mama. Joyce that lifetime movie. I'm telling you right now. I your mother to me is like I don't know she's like a mix like Sicily Tyson. Medea like featuring better said Emma Dea because GonNa you why let me tell you out everyday. She got that like she won't teach you a few things in like. She got that also like she knows a lot she'd been around in my like whatever and then put nobody you as if she got US lab. Us condone it but Ramallah joys got a it even. I don't know what happened between Ramal joys win at her and assisted in implant. Joyce you and I are going to be best friends. That was a terrible day was a horrible day for me. Actually he your Mama got your back. Yeah we could you imagine your Mama you when you best reason. The world about the GO-TO glows like I've seen. I've seen my mother and my aunt fight at Christmas. No no women I know. I know like my grandmother was like. Y'All to talk right now in talking turn to slap in slab return to potatoes ahead to protect the MAC and cheese. I was twelve.

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