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That's right so let's get into some of the best that were made throughout the season and after the preseason and once we made the board bats we put them on twitter to see who are which side you believed was correct august six. We had aboard. Bet this for between all of them except for one of these was made between matthew and i and it was copiously or mile sanders score more fantasy points this year. Who do you. who would you pick your mile. excuse me emmanuel sanders call beasley for sure have used to find you. I'm picking emmanuel sanders with my heart. Wow to emmanuel sanders. Both because i thought it was obvious and masses actually believe that matthew and stefan you're correct well fifty one point four percent of you think that emmanuel sanders outscore corby Beasley who had an amazing year last year close with thousand receiving and beasley pretty much across the board drafted before sanders. Even after he fell a few rounds after some of his off season commentary will leave it at that you felt a little bit and draft is still was going at a sanders. I'm kind of surprised that The poll linda. Some i think honestly that By sense is that there's legit concern about someone like in beasley situation potentially missing time in that. That's tiebreaker doing art. Let's get to august nineteenth. We asked the question who will score more fantasy points. Mark andrews or tj hopkinson slash daniel. Dopp who would you pick. Mike mark andrews one of the whole home just pick him sort of guys all draft cheese and he's just a really good player always gets it done just kind monster contract extension per year part about high scoring offense. I love hopkinson. I think he's in for a huge year. but you know we've already seen it for majors. He's already been a certified top five fantasy tight end. Why not do it again. How about used to find my my my head would say mark andrews as especially because as far as pass catchers go baltimore. They've had trouble getting them out all on the field because of health issues. So you know. Mark andrews to me is like the most reliable outlet at this point for the mark jackson. However i just drafted. Tj hopkinson the war in league last night. So i i hope that tj hodkinson wins out okay. The answer is mark andrews. As far as i'm concerned twitter also thinks tj hopkinson so fifty. Five point two percent of you on the side of matthew august twentieth. We asked this question who scores more points. Josh jacobs or darrell henderson. Josh shake shake close jacobs especially with sony michelle joining. I'll go jacob and by the way this was after the trade for sony michelle michelle. I had josh jacobs as well. Matthew had daryl henderson josh shakes get sixty two percent of the vote. That was our most decisive up. Second most decisive vote in the preseason. On august thirtieth. We asked the same player. Josh jacobs or gus edwards. Who would you take. Mike jacobs edwards so underrated. Now it's ridiculous can use respected. Yeah he absolutely is. He still super young and talented and still be going to still be their top rusher. I mean edwards. He might get two hundred. Eighty carries and twelve targets to literally and jacobs isn't going to get a ton of targets. But you know get a ton of targets. He had like twice as many catches last year. Down receiving year has entire career catches his whole career. Mike eighteen yeah. I'm with you on the josh jacobs thing. All right by the way. This one though pretty clear according to twitter gus edwards at sixty point one percent of the votes. This is the one board bet. That's defiant. i made robert tanya catching six and a half or more touchdown passes ice at unders to find us at over mike. I know where you're going this one because you mentioned yesterday. Yeah rate at six. So i'm a little on the under and honestly i'm surprised. Twitter isn't like eighty percent over because compared to what he did last year. Six and a half. I mean people are getting smarter out there. Yeah you gotta go to regress to the mean based his fifty one point. We have had to wait all podcasts. For that disappointed that it took till the end to get it. But i'm so glad we got it in fifty one point. Nine percent took the over on twitter. I had the under as well. Their last one came on september third. Who scores more fantasy points. This season. david montgomery de'andre swift. We got here mike. You know what. If a couple months ago i would have said swift for sure but a lot of chains with rico and injured and now at the andrea swift not at one hundred percent fact he may be very limited here in week one. We don't be surprised if we see a lot of jamal. Williams getting fifteen seventeen touches and swift. Maybe ten eleven. i agree. Don't be surprised at all. So i have to go with montgomery just based on the current situation. Yeah i was just going to say. I think the andrea swift is sort of a wait and see. We didn't really see him at all in the preseason out with a groin injury for most of that time and dan campbell making some comments. That would suggest that they didn't really believe andrea swift was good enough football shape to be able to handle a full workload and not that he was going to handle a full workload but really questioning him out the volume of work he could do especially in week one so i expect him to play. He was a full participant yesterday for the record. But i just don't know it might be a feel thing. Like how does he look does. He looks like he's getting tired as they have to. Rotate out more frequently. I think this week is a tough call. Andy andrea swift. I'm with you. I loved the andrea swift. I think the lions offensive line as a chance to be good this year. They're not just automatically good but they have a chance. But i would take for me and something that i've i've said this for a long time. I grew up with this but with david montgomery. I just think the cream rises with that since you literally didn't have a beard when you i grew up amid west kid so obviously you know with a lot of a lot of milk and cow's cream rises is something that makes sense for you know where i grew up running after usa. I'm going to steal from me. So montgomery takes sixty eight point six percent of the votes by the way in this. How long till the davis merge align talk you know i like him staying in the in the southeast atlanta. I liked that one. Dan campbell makes too much sense to me questions about the andreas with maybe after week. One.

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