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It was black, black and covered on to the point lights. You're like, it's the windshield wipers, the yacht of Georgia? Yeah. Can you imagine what would have happened in our lives? If my car was so dirty, all I could see out is the windshield wipers. Yeah. I mean, the only for that is if you've been running for like days from zombies. Oh, yeah. Yeah, exactly. And so, but that's the one thing and then and then there are really great. Great, great, great teachers. Yeah, my daughter's got a teacher. I wish I could say the guy's name because his name makes this joke makes the story so much. Yeah. And I'm no, I've said this on the pockets before, but my daughter really connected with the sky. Okay. And. Call him a call him Jimmy, a great. Well, give me a great white guy. Last name, I'll say Braga. Sure. Bronco Broncos. A great last name. Thanks. I Lagos. Oh, Mr. Broncos. Got a tough. I said really yet he's lost three friends this month. Dad. I said, what do you mean? She goes, death. Life comes at you quick what he's what teasers telling his class, but he's lost three friends this month on dishes. No one wants to give rolls the white guy over sharing with his to the point where I am dying laughing. He's, he's, he's sitting out on the loading dock pack in a box or Marlboro reds, and I go can smoke in butts with your kid. I go. And then I said, the other one, she goes Hollywood's not been nice to him. They don't give rolls two white guys anymore. I went. I went, why hold on wait. How did you hear that? She is actually, I'm not supposed to tell you about this. I walked into the class and he was crying and he just told me and he told me anybody that go. Hi, listen. This is a guy that is on the edge, do not fuck with this guy. Okay. Listeners he's talking about me. I teach class. I am Mr. Braga. I was crying cast it something that's insane. And then I wrote a script Isla came back and she can. I read it and I go, yeah, of course goes, you let your kid your script. This was pretty funny. Well, no rest. It's about them. It's about, okay. The premise, I'm I've, I took it out. No one really wanted it. I mean, I think I'll make it on my own sure, but I didn't take it out, but I gave it to my managers agents and they were kind of like, well, we think we should develop you as a father. This one isn't technically you as a father guy. It's my daughter's learn how to time travel. Oh yeah, but but they do it when they're like twenty five and they're idiots, and they fuck everything up. They don't know any of the rules of time travel. So as their father. Now I go out with them at twenty five and twenty seven and have to time travel with them and fix things allow. And it's a little edgy. Like one of the episodes they go to kill Hitler. They think that would be a good idea to travel back, but they go to art classes and they don't know what he looks like sitting on the mustache yet and they just kill all his friends and then they blame it on the Jews. Yeah. So they create all Ause. because. So obviously you can see no one in corporate television, corporate Hollywood would want to touch something like that. But the way the internet is I part of me is like fucking what a patriot and just make it. Yeah. But but I came back, she's like, could you slide in a role for Mr. Bronco dead. And I was like what? She was just a little bit part. He would really help them out. Pardon me? It breaks my heart my dog. Oh, my daughter, so sweet. Yeah, she's like cares about this teacher and then he got. He got suspended for calling a kid a fucking asshole, how God? Yeah, you know the kid was just like, you know, it's that alpha kid who sent his weaknesses. Yeah, and just kept poking the bear. Bronner's on edge guy. I bet we. And get them to lose it. You're not get callback. That callback for that, I would almost I would almost I would almost want my daughter to help me write a script about her about this guy. And have you played the teacher Mr...

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