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All how big this genocide on slave introduce them to these things anew would destroy. There was a d every detail every good morning and welcome to another wednesday edition of native opinion. I'm glad to be with you this morning. And thank you for joining us. My name is david greco and listening to episode three four. Three there are more players in the game than we know now. This particular episode might leave listeners. Scratching your head a little bit once they get into the the topic but once we get there you'll understand why this particular piece of op. Ed was chosen. But before i do that. I want to let you know a few things. We are in indigenous information and education radio show and podcast and every week we talk about current affairs related to and from our own native americans perspectives. And again my name is david greco and at the top of every show. We like to let listeners. Know how you can get a hold of us and you can do that. A number of avenues. One of those is you can email at host.

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