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You are the kind of person that you you know I like. I was sharing with you. I said I struggle with exactly what lane I belong and she goes remember Jay. You're the person who's always like you don't live in a box. That's I've had to Kinda learn the as what I love Ester is. Sr was obedient to God. She was just a powerhouse in choosing to do the craziest thing. Yeah and She described she goes. She wasn't out there preaching to the people all but she was doing her God given assignment and I feel like that's really the voice. You have everybody which I don't know if that's going to be me. I don't think that's going to become relate with the way that she approached I and I really I really relate to that. I need to read the story of Esther again but when I mentor so that to me a couple of weeks ago I thought that's really interesting. She goes she didn't she didn't necessarily have the the way in which she operated. Was I think. In a way away that I relate to and choosing to just take big steps and go for it even when it's scary I relate to that a lot Dan I also just love the proverbs thirty woman. I wouldn't say I remind myself. She reminds me of myself because I have a lot of work to do. All of them. I have a lot of work but I I love it because I think this is such a healthy balanced approach especially for women of faith Between this mentality of like Oh I hate each like you know you give up my dreams and be broke. I think it's one like kind of toxic lie. We can tend to believe yeah or we can totally abandon that and go to the other extreme of like hustle and grind in whichever goal. And there's no I'm like look at the proverbs thirty one woman. She was profitable. She did not not feel bad or apologize for making money and we didn't either But on the flip side she also took care of the things in major. Her family was a priority. And doing those things that I think. Sometimes we can forget about when we're hustling after. Yeah I that's like my. That's like my beacon of that's what you put up over thirty one. I'm going after all that. Yeah so they're like when I think about our friends who are listed then there are some career women who are super driven and figured out there saying there's some women who stay home and have a side job out of their home and there are some women who their home as their fulltime. There's some dude to or work in kind of the same. I think there's an probably some stay at home. DADS listen whatever but sometimes I struggle struggle with the hustle idea and being good at being an anti How did you figure out how much hustle was right for you? And how do we figure out how much Hustle Hustle Hustle is right for us. You know I think part of it is we all have different capacities. Meaning we all have is because we're in different seasons and I think this is one thing that I really wanted to speak into a lot where it's seasonal ways. Because I don't think anyone like I said no one can hustle twenty four seven. I'm tempted to as the three tried to and then I broke out and then my husband's like you need to chill. Yeah I'm a nine over here. Yeah we'll do nothing notices and I'm like what are you doing here. Nothing and he actually thinking about nothing. And I'm like how we have fifteen goals. We're trying are you achieve here. So he balances me. We'll call that balance but anyways one thing that I've learned is and what I'm trying to be better about knowing. This is a season to hustle. Yeah and and this is a season to pause or to to. I mean right now matinee. Were just telling you off air. But we're freeing up mental bandwidth because there's going to be the next season where we want to build and hustle and we're starting to step up into that but it took a lot of time this needs to go and that seems to go because you can't hustle in maintained fifteen million things. Yes and I think when I got to the point of I I can't add something else but I know it's time for something else that means some I always say and the best way I can always describe it as when I know it's time for growth something new I always ask myself. What do I need to let go? And what needs to grow I just asked him and what needs to grow. And or what do I want to grow in there for. What do I need to let go? Yes because you can only you only have so much space in your tank. Yes and so I think not only filling up your tank consistently but also just understanding like am I trying to overflow this and if so what's time like what feels like a sore toda mi and not propelling me forward. What's not moving the needle? Yes maybe it's time to retire that or pass it off delegate that so I think that allows you to still hustle Yep in air quotes but hustle in such a way. That you're not hustling after everything and and managing everything that you've already hustled after. Yes it makes sense remind me is the boundaries thing again yeah of what is your actual capacity and and someone else being able to watching online hustle more or less than you has nothing to do with you right. You don't get to be proud if you look like you're out hustle and you don't worry if you're under hustler compared to him or her right. I just think it is a It but it's hard to figure out because we see other authors putting out twice as many books. Oh my gosh I know I'm like why right already have more word. I'm out of words. Yes Yeah Yup. And in so it's hard to know the balance of EVATT and how to let go of things. Yeah about a year ago. I was on a plane and I made a list and the very top said if money didn't matter what would I do. What what would I keep doing? What would I do more of? What would I let go and then I had to pass that list off to my people? My team management my agent my assistant and go like hey. This is how I really feel if I wasn't trying to make sure we all got paid. And we had to make adjustments based off of that or I was GONNA burn outs. I just knew it I need to do that. Yeah which I kind kind of did I didn't set it up that exact same way but I like that. That's a really good question to ask because in the way I did it was what feels like a sore toe. Yeah I love what's not allowing telling me talking to me from running and distracted me all the time what is worse than a Soto uh-huh maybe it's you know what I mean. You're right because it makes you all the time I'm in no one knows. Yeah so I think. I felt like I was limping forward. And that's not a way. You can't actually healthily hustled that way and I love the definition. I don't know if this is the actual definition but I saw this on the the instagram somewhere like just fax all day. Long right I saw someone post about this term Holy Hustle and I was like what what the heck that even means that even love but basically the idea was recipe or working without Gill and resting without shame and knowing like or maybe working without shaming wrestling without guilt. It's the idea of like shame resting without guilt knowing that you can work hard and the ad has you can chase things without feeling ashamed or like you're somehow not being a good Christian or person Senate or whatever like you are especially meaningful to you. And they're moving the needle and things that are impacting people but on the flip side pairing that with an equal. And I'm an arrest without feeling guilty that I'm not being productive and I think sometimes as ambitious people or just somebody who's passionate about something whether it's impacting other people's lives are making money for your family or all of the above or for your team And it can be tough to find that balance and so just trying to ask himself and resting without guilt or my thinking about what I need to be doing just like. That's just a really good little check in for me. You guys just interrupting this conversation with Jordan Duly to tell you about a new.

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