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Mediocre well here at euclid all of the advisers are an essay certified if you're not familiar with that that is a social security certification it says that we are well able to do the calculation we know how to do it we know where the function as we know the benefits of the security department we know how the functionality of the federal government works and the state level functions if you are questioning window triggers security you need a renting income report that is what that report will do first and foremost then the second will be windy trigger pension and then when you trigger your other assets of support and how do you get through your guaranteed money you're predictable money and your flexible money if you weren't familiar with anything i just said you definitely have to call you and make sure that you get on the docket to get one of these reports because it'll become very clear and you'll get the aha moment and it will save your retirement yeah josh i'm actually glad that you just touch base on those three types of income sources that are available to people because when you go into your gogo years there's usually two things that immediately happened as a retiree one you start thinking do i have enough money to cover all my basics and you start going through your budget and you go well i've got six thousand dollars a month coming in every month now while i'm working that's what has caused me to roma household that's exactly what i need to just maintain my lifestyle my standard and that's not going through well what about fun one of all vacation what about my gogarty is sort of what my purpose also not taking into account they're going to be other expenses that are going to go down so you have to kind of take a step back and say okay that's my starting point how much of that do i actually need coming in on a daytoday basis and how much do i need to know that i could turn on and off when i'm ready yeah many you're you're exactly you're exactly on page of a lot of anxiety and you need you need that confidence and so if you're looking for more research and you want to find out what the retirement factor has offer or you have a question about euclid go to www euclid f s dot com that's easy uc l i d f isn't financial essence services dot com and you'll be able to get well a very good understanding.

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