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And publish show the. as of right now coming up this week in. Rick about universities podcast. I will be might leak. and and and Friday will live it's a whether it's real or not because when the weather and the back up plan is our profile series getting to know AT van and getting to know it even after that we also have found out that Calvin Parker has written another book I don't know why I don't know if he's been abducted again but we'll try to get him on a future podcast as well then the older profiles and various members of the show and and all kinds of stuff like that and I know some of you want to do a podcast with our wives and but when I hear that idea don't think they were I thought we don't hear you we hear you we waited we just staying here we just don't have it got the courage to do it right John in Birmingham listening to say Z. K. John how you doing buddy thank your patient John. I got your mom Q. where his vacation home he didn't have a card on there he just walk around and strut. door yeah you're right I did hear about that in in in startled to giving to head coach out he just gave up pretty much everything in thank you like thousands of dollars as laugh all these crazy but she stuck with them and everything yeah I heard that in another that was the clay Travis yeah cast that I sent you you walk to work in Washington yeah back to the floor is walking to work he does it because he wants to get in shape that's the way his way of exercising he says if you don't have a car around yet walk everywhere and you never think about it after a couple weeks much like you just you look up and I'm in the best of my life how far to easy walk to work that way Washington I don't I think it's a couple miles okay right out of the weather yeah speaking of that I have to ask you a question because I know Jim I'm nobody there is a there is there is a rumor that he started that you were taking as in the class. that would be a rumor. where did you. get that out now somebody tell me that and I said that let me say right now that is a that's a lot lying is racing and I don't even know what zone but you and I think he he nearly took itself out playing pickle ball I. as little physical injury it still hurts if you. no matter the yes have you heard that from multiple people know now than I was it was a long and ended at least looking. now I'm not saying that I think good I think that well I some restraining bears well that's and that's working from thank you Frank from.

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