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A homeless shelter without the approval of a federal agency. The 100 bed facility, along with WX Corridor was approved by the City Council last August. The shelter sits below the highway 99 Highway 50 interchange and needs federal approval. The Federal Highway Administration initially approved the project, but revoked that approval in May. President Donald Trump has nice things to say about Senator Kamala Harris, who is thought to be on Joe Biden short list for a Democratic running mate. Former vice President Biden is the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee and has said he'll announce his running mate pick next week. Now let's check traffic and weather together. We start in the kfbk Traffic center with Dana. How Joe Bryant by the California Department of Public Health, and Right now, whatever do it Auburn Boulevard. We have an overturned vehicle on its side. Injury accident. They're waiting on a tow truck. Ambulance, CHP lots going on there. South found 65 Blokes Boulevard. We have a non injury there, and it looks like CHP waiting for a tow truck. Also, a fire reported south One avenue of Kiefer Boulevard structure fire and that there is traffic control in effect. It takes less than one minute to take the pre diabetes quiz. Pre diabetes without intervention can progress to diabetes. Don't snooze on your health. No, your risk. Take the online quiz now at no pre diabetes dot org's traffic on the tens every 10 minutes mornings and afternoons. Dana has news 93.1 kfbk. Son shot the Santa Nude. I'm 96 to 100 said I cleared overnight low of 56 to 60 20. A sunshade boat tomorrow and Friday for 96 to 105. Friday 97 to 100 Want Mackey, Weather meteorologist five person who's 93.1 Kfbk sunny skies 93 degrees in downtown.

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