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Kelly, R Kelly, Harvey Weinstein discussed on Happy Hour: A Shot of Conversation


And so I talked to my sister and her boyfriend, and so we started to watch we watched all six hours back to back to back. Eat was one of the hardest. Six hours for me for from from the perspective of having to watch something on TV. I we had to stop. I had to walk around my house. I almost kick kick my door like I had to I had to smoke a cigarette. Like, it was it was it was so traumatic and all we were witnesses. And all we were witnesses to an account. Do see what I'm saying? And. Not only was it. Agreed his the actual heinousness of his acts. But what it really did? Is it made me realize how culpable we are? And how we have somehow. It's almost that. If if in any way anyone can make an argument that this is somehow oppression related to oppression. Then we should be that upset that literally we have been so brainwashed that we can't see what we're doing in our own community that here. This man was caught on tape raping a fourteen year old urinating on a fourteen year old and that we as a community not only solve the tape. But we saw the tape because it was bootleg that we had no sense of humanity that if in fact there with Amy chance that that was a child that we were peddling and child pornography that child was our child and that literally there has been evidence for decades. And the reason I am so mad is because I was one of those people I was not a defender, but I did not. We I did not allow my brain to see how heinous is that? He is a predator that has because of his celebrity. We have no idea how many girls he's on this too. We and I sit in our group chat as well. We all trash everybody. We are all a part of this problem. And I'm speaking for myself. I was an R Kelly fan when I was in seventh or eighth grade. Remember, the magazines like ride on I had a picture are Kelly. The ball hit our Kelly to twelve player Kelly in my locker me and my locker mate, we had a pitcher arket. We were will we have pitched a picture of our Kelly in our locker last around the same time. He married a leader was like, oh, she fifteen Awale. Oh, we'll shoulder. Shrug getting a little older sought a sex watched it with my life sisters. We will win. This watched. It we like, oh, man. That's crazy. That's why that's terrible. Guess what? Still step. In the name of love still trash. I am willing to emit. The I am a part of the problem is will honest are saying archea Bata here to maybe four or five years ago. And when I was really sat down and put to into together when I really was like, okay. Wait alita was fifteen. This was a grown, man. Then when I was like I thought at tape. He wasn't having this wasn't two adults having sex that girl looked like a child. She looked like a little girl to the poor. I had argument with somebody other day 'cause they tried to say she looked grounding in video. No, she didn't. And if you think she looked wrong, then I'm questioning because she looked like she was thirteen fourteen. Anyway, I said today we are all part of the problem. The thing that we need to maybe Accu actively try to do is just recalculate. Yes, we supported him before. Yes. We turn a blind eye to it. Yes. There's still a lot of people who stood on give shit. Okay. Cool you out of here we you out to paint too. But for us that have becoming who have become a wakened by it. We know he trash now. And then we need to act accordingly because we can't change the past. We change our position. But. We are. We all garbage in the name of love out here. As far we stop listening to the music while ago, like we don't support in that regard. We are vocal about our lack of support for him. But then whether or next steps because Harvey Weinstein is going to trial and make Evans bass he's on trial right now. So like, what are the next steps?.

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