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You really nailed it. It was really good. Thank you. I had no practice. I didn't know how much time I had. I didn't rehearse in front of anybody. I didn't even speak on the microphone. I legit put all my heels just to make sure my heels didn't pierce the mat. That's the only thing I did. So when I first grabbed the mic and I said, Cody, literally in the back of my mind, I was thinking, I sound so bad on this microphone. I was like, yes. Like, oh my gosh, this is so bad. So I was just, they told me to hit bulletproof bullet points. I did that. And I was just out there just freelancing. Like, I've never, again, like I've done press conferences. I've done things of that sort, but I have never been on a stage. All eyes are on me. Here's a mic. Here's your camera. I didn't know what camera to look at. Cody was like, you know what? The cameras will follow you. Just like play off of me. And I was like, okay, with no indie experience, no nothing. I was just like, all right, let's do this. And that's what I did. So again, I had nobody there to critique me. I had nobody. It was just like, all right, here you go. Time to go. All right, let's do this. It was a last minute thing. So and then Brandi coming in was a super last minute thing. Literally in my makeup 'cause I was almost late to even do it. She was like, hey, hey hey, TK wants me to do this and I was like, all right, cool, whatever. And she was like, I'm not gonna say this, this and this. She said this, this and this. And I was like, are you serious? You just told me you weren't gonna say this. But all right, let's do it. So at the time, I was like, I had the mic in my hand. I was spewing out her words, and I was like, I'll be a real bitch if I just got on this mic. It just told her to shut up. That guy's like, don't do it. Just like, I don't know if anybody can notice, but I held the mic so hard in my hand. And she was talking like down like, okay, all right, all right, and in my mind, I'm like, I don't know, I can say something, but I'm not gonna say nothing. You got it, girl, you got it. So it was just one of those moments. Do we have fans at that point there? We did. We did. We did limit it capacity. I think we were at 15% or something like that. Not even that. That was fun. Yeah. It was people there. So how about your first match? How long did you have to work on it? How did you put it together? So the matches Wednesday. We probably worked on it. We started putting in the wills and everything to it Sunday. So we probably fine tuned it, maybe by Tuesday. It was so many different things because people could have hit like dudes couldn't hit women and rules out. Yeah, there was rules in play that we couldn't do. And being how inexperienced Jacques was, we had to put limits on things he could do and how long he could go because wrestling in shape is totally different in shape than anything else, by the way. And then you have to act like you're not blown up when you really blown up. You have to play this, I'm okay character. That's right. So it was a lot of variables into this match that we had to keep on cutting up and putting together cutting up. So probably the final okay okay was maybe like an hour prior to the match. Wow. Yeah. Now how did you feel about that match? I felt good. I felt good. Red velvet made me feel very comfortable. She's one of our best sellers that we have. She's a stellar performer. I felt comfortable. Cody made me feel comfortable shit. I remember walking out actually. Before I walked out, I looked at Shaq and I said, you better kill it. And he looked at me and he was like, excuse me? This is my world. This is what I do. I'm a character. I don't even have to act. Right. This is who I am. They're gonna love me because I'm like, hey, you gotta be serious here. I was like, I can do whatever. They're gonna love me. Regardless, and I'm like, you know what? All right, all right. And that's when I realized, you know what, I'm about to be on stage with Shaquille O'Neal. I'm about to be on the stage with this guy. I'm about to be on a stage with Cody rose. I need to be seen here. I need to take advantage of this right now, and people, yes, they're going to know them, but they need to know me as well. So that's when I was like, you know what? Let's focus. Let's get this. And I was very proud of what I did. You know, being that experience that I do have and being that like I said before that match, I never had a match ever. Ever. Ever. I was very thankful. It was amazing because red velvet, I'm not sure my matches she's had. Yeah. Shaq has zero. Zero zero. That was pretty much on Cody's shoulders, but that's one of the best quote unquote celebrity matches that I ever saw. Oh, thanks. Everybody loved it. All four of you guys did great. I remember the only thing that I was thinking when you finally made the pin, you covered on the wrong side. I know, I know. I replayed that all the time after and I was like, hard camera. Why'd I do that? Yeah, I was on what I did. I wanted to do that. And then at one point with Shaq went down, I was like, okay, I won, but I should be concerned, right? Right. I should go over there and like, right?.

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