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Across the country or not vandalized acting Secretary of Homeland Security Chad Wolf was on Fox and friends this morning we've seen the Department of Justice. Arrest over about 100 some of these violent protesters and rioters and looters. We've also seen them charge four individuals in federal court for attempting to tear down the statue here in D. C. Wolf says Law enforcement officers specifically trained in crowd and riot control will be sent to Portland, Seattle and D. C to protect the monuments, maggots and parasites. That's how one Reverend and caramel referred to members of Black lives matter. And Antifa. Reverend Theodore Rothrock of Saint Elizabeth. Catholic Church said they they only care about their political agenda to an early this morning, he said in a statement. It was not his intention to offend anyone, and he is sorry that his words have hurt anybody. A protest is planned at the church this weekend. The minimum wage goes up today in three states and 21 cities and counties, including 13 in California. Those states being Illinois, Nevada and Oregon. The advertising boycott against Facebook also supposed to start today, with more than 400 companies taking part in these stop Pay for profit campaign. They've all promise not to spend money on Facebook ads during this month. Several civil rights groups say Facebook allows hate speech and misinformation to spread across its platform. An Air Force pilot has died in a plane crash boxes. Lucas Tomlinson the US Air Force says an F 16 fighter jet crash late last night at Shaw Air Force Base in South Carolina, killing the pilot. In a statement. The Air Force says the jet was on a routine training flight at the time of the crash. It's the fourth crash of a U. S. Air Force jets since May following two crashes Eglin Air Force Base in Florida and one last month off the coast of England. At the Pentagon, Lucas Thomas and Fox News and a group of researchers are trying to figure out the physics behind flying snakes in Asia. The scientist from Virginia attack developed a computer model to see why the Paradise Tree snake undulates when it glides through the air. Isaac eaten, the lead author says They do that to stabilize their bodies in the air, allowing the reptile to cover more distance. Scientists are now trying to figure out how the snakes Khun generate lift and turn while gliding on Sean Herrick on the level. The going on Twitter at 93. W I v C and w e b c dot com It's a 30 for sports with Sam Robson. Indiana Pacers guard Justin Holiday has chosen to play when the MBA resumes late this month, but the status of all star Victor Oladipo is still up in the air. Pacers President Kevin Pritchard joined the ride with J and B on the fan and said a final decision has not been made. We will not put him in a bad position if it if it's not looking well will shut him down. He won't have to do it. We'll do it for him, but everything's everything looks really good right now. Oladipo continues to recover from a quad injury suffered in January of 2019. It is expected to join the team in Orlando. Whether he's playing or not. The Indianapolis Indians will not play baseball this summer. Minor league Baseball announced the 2020 season has been canceled due to the Corona virus pandemic and the fact that major league teams won't be supplying players. I'm Sam Robb's before W ABC Sports NOW TRAFFIC on the fives with Matt Maher. I Sam on the South side French clear he's bound for 65 after 31 little bit of traffic left over. That's not going to be there much longer. We're also looking at 25th imposed that crashes clear, North bound Keystone still heavy. Right now 56 up to counselors. They repaid Keystone all summer long. Best apart. It looks like they're doing right now. Traffic sponsored by Directional interiors, improve your kitchen experience with new Timberlake cabinets from Directional Interiors Design Center, 146 and River Road or 32 17 nor shaven Online and Drexel, I End I calm My man. There were traffic on the fives while I was on Twitter. W II be sea traffic 71 degrees in the American Standard Cooling Weather center. The time right now is a 35 Steve on on Twitter says a pan handling is legal.

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