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Chapelle nidal said she'd like to see mccaskill fight for reparations her constituents she said see mccaskill as similar to republicans why do they keep voting for them that's what i'd like to know seriously why do blacks keep voting for these democrats over and over and over and over and over and over again it's unbelievable you're going to get the same result when you keep voting for the same people senator jamila nasheed from saint louis said chapelle nidal wasn't titled to our opinion but she thought mccaskill have been fighting for black people's interests on issues like healthcare protection for veterans student loans i support senator mccaskill one hundred and fifty percents she said there you go there's that there's the democrat thing where they stick together no matter there it is you don't want anybody speak it out of turn and the democrat party reparations i mean how would you even how would you even begin to disperse distribute funds that you decided to to give you kind of only go that route if you were trying to collapse the nation kind of i think is kind of where that goes i mean where would they go to who would would these funds go who would receive them do you have to have i mean was it your direct relatives to all black people receive no matter where they're from even if they didn't have ancestors were slaves and who pays the reparations everybody or are are black people exempt from those tax dollars or they're not going to be taxed that way only white people pay the reparations and what if you're emigrated after slavery was legal which minded in mind as well so and they lived in montana where you know.

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