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56 degrees in downtown D. C and it college Park. It's 58 degrees 5 11. Now Arlington County is launching a series of virtual conversations for residents about racial equality. Among the topics on the table Arlington ZIP codes and how they tend to be segregated by race in economic class. It's described as an intense program that gives Arlington Virginia residents the tools needed to deal with race and racism. All told. There are 62 hour sessions online beginning at the end of October. Arlington's chief race and equity officer says the goal is to normalize conversations. About race that are challenging. Del Walters. W. T. O P News. One board member involved in the program says it's not just a response to the deaths of George Floyd and Briana Taylor, but instead to Talkabout fundamentally restructuring a government nearly 80 year old mural inside of Maryland Post office that portrays black slaves pulling barrels of tobacco alongside white men on horses has been covered up in plastic. That mural is called incidents in the history of Catonsville. It was commissioned during President Franklin Roosevelt had been Gration, which provided federal dollars for art displays in public buildings all across the country will count Congressman Kweisi and crew May says that he initiated the conversation with US Postmaster General Lewis to joy after hearing some of his constituents who found the mural derogatory or complained of its deteriorating condition. There is a lot to consider. When choosing a place to call home buddy in this year's list of the best places to live. It appears many people are choosing to settle out West Boulder, Denver, Fort Collins and Colorado Springs, Colorado, all make it in the top five of this year's ranking. What we really see is high desirability into strong job market in particular tech and aerospace jobs. Among the big drivers, according to Devin Doors be the real estate editor for US news. The locations also did well when it comes to cost of living. On this year's list, DC dropped from 19 to 30 a little bit more expensive of a place to live.

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